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3 days ago

Very interesting trail due to all the downed trees. A nice variety of birds including a Bald Eagle from the islands overlook. A black squirrel, a mole and several chipmunks were also spotted. Easy enough for kids 8 and up or even a little younger if they are used to hikes. Not the best trail in the area but in the top 10.

4 days ago

Beautiful wildflower walk and views at the point - perfect family outing

Great trail!!!

7 days ago

Gorgeous early morning hike with my Aussie! Really humid and some flies along the lakeshore, but other than that couldn’t ask for a better tart to our day.

It's a relatively easy hike with a nice view at the end. In my mind, the real trail starts where the official trail ends and you can hike south along the bluffs.

My Fiancé and I had such fun on this hike today! It was absolutely beautiful and had awesome terrain. Definitely a good work out and perfect for a short day hike.

14 days ago

Great hike with views of Lake Michigan and the Glen Lakes. Mostly sand... watch out for the Poison Ivy!!!

15 days ago

Beautiful! Great hike and a nice distance. Brought both of my dogs and they did well, but I brought some water for them. I heard it gets busy during the summer time, but there was barely anyone there this past week. Incredible views at the top that show what Northern Michigan is made of.

24 days ago

This is a great trail with a spectacular view, was a little busy, but it was a holiday weekend. The directions didn't quite take us to the trailhead, so there was some confusion at first, but it was just a little further up the road. You start off in the wooded area with wildflowers with gradual gains and descents. There's a scenic view of the shoreline with a bench that you can take a break if needed before getting out to the bluff. Upon reaching the bluff you're greeted with an awesome view of Lake Michigan with some seating area.

25 days ago

Really nice place to get away!!

The ferry took about 2.5 hours to go from Leland to South Manitou to North Manitou. Check in with the ranger when you get there and listen to what they have to say. Other than that, you’re free to do whatever basically. We went to the south side of the island and did about 8 mi through the woods, stopping at the beach. It wasn’t too thrilling in terms of scenery, though we heard the north side had a lot of cooler things to see and more elevation changes.
Other things to be aware of:
-(If the right season) There will be mosquitoes and lots of them, especially around the lakes,beach, and dock (much less so in the woods). Afterbite and Cortisone is your friend.
- Also, ticks. Tweezers.
- Lotsa lotsa poison ivy, as someone else mentioned. Only the main trails are cleared from it.
- You probably don’t need trekking poles unless you really like carrying them around or need them.
- Cell service is real spotty.
- Do not miss the ferry, they will leave you.
- Be sure to actually read the rules in the website and take food/provisions for an extra 2 days at least. If the weather does get bad, the ferry will not come. The ranger gave a nice horror story about it not coming once for an extra three days.
Overall, it was a really good time, and I would go back.

Compared to the other SBD trails, this one wasn’t my favorite. A large portion of the trail is walking along Pierce Stocking Drive. There aren’t any scenic outlooks on the trial, although the North Bar outlook (and restrooms / picnic area) aren’t far from where the trail merges in with Pierce Stocking. There are some beautiful wooded areas, though.

1 month ago

Beautiful wooded trail. There are a lot of little hills, but nothing major. The spur to the lake is dunes, and definitely the most challenging part of the trail.

I HATED this trail!

Many reviews of this hike were really positive and said that it had a variety of terrain. 85% of the trail is sand dunes, with the remaining 15% is forest. The forest part IS quite nice, but also quite short. Had I known so much of it would be really monotonous looking sand dune, I would not have gone. Before I had even reached the midway point, I was cursing the sand and just thinking about how much I hated this trail.

Clearly some people really like this trail, but I was not a fan.

Great variety of terrain- great views!

1 month ago

Great hike! Lake Michigan just beyond post 27. About 4 miles round trip.

Did north loop on a snowy Saturday.
Snow shin deep.
Look out point was gorgeous. Trail marking non existent once you get out of the woods, at back part of loop. Ended up walking 1.1 miles on road to get back to trail head parking lot, after a # of attempts to get there via trail.

Map obtained at trailhead lot was worthless.

Loved this trail - perfect for kids too, distance is perfect.

2 months ago

Not sure how this trail isn't ranked higher. Perfect hiking trip with a scenic payoff.

Agree with review below, a favorite for the lower peninsula. Recommend heading out clockwise...reaching the water last. That way you can look for Petoskey stones as long as you want. Otherwise, you have the remaining hike looming. Terrain changes are amazing. A favorite for sure

Really pretty views. We were there in late March and didn’t know what to expect. Ended up catching a sunny say and ended up pleasantly surprised by a fantastic view of a wintey/spring-mixed Lake Michigan!


Great hike and great views. Be sure to take plenty of water.

Great picnicking area!

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3 months ago

This hike is all about Elevation but when you get to the top it will be well worth it. Great Views of Big Glen Lake and Lake Michigan.

3 months ago

One of the best views you'll see of Lake Michigan. The Dune puts you 260 feet almost straight above the lapping waters of Lake Michigan. The lookout point is about 0.6 miles from the trailhead. The .6 mile hike will be tough to some since it's a pretty good incline. However, the trail does offer wooden steps which makes it easier and there's no need to rush. relax and enjoy the quit and peaceful nature and when you get to the top, you'll be thankful that you made the hike. Check out the video I shot, video was shot on my GoPro Hero 4 sessions. https://youtu.be/gtxLWxdoV3k

alot of fun in winter great hike kids love the loop

Easy trail beautiful scenic lookout

5 months ago

Spectacular views, trails well maintained.

5 months ago

Great, tough hike! We kicked off our shoes and walked in socks only. It was helpful since the sand bogs down worse in shoes! We actually took our kiddos (6 & 3) and they were tough cookies!! Once we reached the lake there were about 12 people there. Great secluded spot and worth the effort to enjoy the peace at the lake

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