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Various terrains represented Great hike and swim Hit the CG museum on the way out

Trail was amazing, well kept and spacious. Unfortunately it started raining 5 minutes into the hike but the trail was perfect.

absolutely beautiful. went at sunset on a clear night and the views were incredible!

Trail is harder than expected, make sure you go with shoes on, I went without and it was way more difficult

Definitely a challenge but the reward does not quite meet the amount of challenges.

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24 days ago

This trails is laid on a sand dune of lies! You top the next dune to find another.. and another. :) This is a great hike. What makes it hard is that it's and out and back which means every step you take in the dunes.. you take again. Dune steps are always 1 step up and 1/2 step down. Add 80 degrees, little shade and hot sand.. be prepared. We left in the afternoon when the early risers where leaving. Sure, it's hotter on the trail but you also have more of the dunes to yourself.

25 days ago

A great, beautiful trail. Pretty easy and the I could have stayed by the water all day!

Beautiful, easy trail. I went in spring when the trees were a bright green. The view of the water at the end of the trail is amazing too. Highly recommended!

29 days ago

Day 1 - loaded up on the ferry at the quant by busy fishtown in Leland, MI. The variance of backpackers was quite the sight to. I observed more coolers, lawn chairs, packages of bottle water, tiki torches and grills that I'm used to when backpacking for a weekend. I was beginning to think I got on the wrong boat. Surely these individuals weren't going to an island with limited resources with 30 packs of Busch light and BBQ smokers, but I digress. A volunteer met us at the dock and discussed the rules of the island before we ran off into the wilderness. We made quick time getting to fredericksons point on the southwest corner of the island (5+ miles). This was by far the best place on the island offering beautiful views of south manitou island, sleeping near dunes and the sunsets. The walk down to the beach was tricky but manageable.

Day 2- making our way up the west and north side of the island resulted in a decent evaluation gain ~350 feet or so and passing through some bushy trails. We passed through two rustic sights (Davenport and Stormers) the latter having several old cars thrown about the forest. The rain begin resulting in a hasty pace to Paul Maeloski place (building on the map) which was nowhere to be found and soon we realized it was in the forest and destroyed. We attempted to connect with the secondary trial that loops back to the village and dock area but we soon lost the "unmaintained" trail. Leading us to bushwhack to the beach and follow the shore until we reach the village and double back to the campground. Day 2 we experienced most of the island encompassing ~14 miles.

Day 3- wait for the boat and discuss with the patrons their perils and joys of the island, one poor adventurer had duct taped socks, quite the sight.

Overall NMI is a beautiful island that embodies true wilderness. I'd encouraged anyone thinking of hiking to stick to the primary trails and avoid the secondary (unmaintained trails) unless you bring a machete. A beautiful place even with the misadventures!