Silver Lake State Park is almost 3,000-acres along the Lake Michigan shoreline. This area includes both dune country and acres of mature forest. One of the park's biggest draws is the 450-acre off-road vehicle area.

I just corrected the location on the map...not sure why it had Norton Shores.
We have hiked out here several times. I think it is one of the more unique places that you will find in lower Michigan. Definitely worth the trip. It is mostly open dunes and you can do as much or as little as you want.

Here is a link to more photos from one of our visits:

5 years ago

Ah, last I checked Silver Lake Sand Dunes is further north and is not in Norton Shores, MI. I went to PJ Hoffmaster State Park and walked the Homestead Trail. The trail was very scenic and will get you in shape for sure! I walked up several sand dunes, saw beautiful vistas, and walked out to the beach overlooking Lake Michigan. It is a nice hike, you can get a little turned around though with all of the side trails. There is much to explore if you are in the area.

off road driving
5 years ago

Ok so silver lake is great for everyone but mainly for off roading. The dunes are plentiful and the community that comes with silver lake is the best. Everyone that is up there is up there to test the limits of there 4x4 or just to watch everyone test there skills on the dunes. Test hill is amazing and the croud that forms around it to cheer people on is great. A must if you have a dune runner of some type and if its warm and sunny is when its the best.