Decent leisurely stroll. Definitely not for hiking. The paved path was really well maintained. It's a great park for an easy walk. There were too many people for my taste. I went out at 1pm on a Monday and there were full on families walking the paths. I really appreciated the several posts that provided doggy poop bags and trash cans! The ski trails were nice for getting off the main paths and letting my dogs run for a bit without upsetting anyone.

Nicely paved and non paved trails.

Beautiful open area hike with great views of Grand River. Paved and flat.

Nice easy walk. Followed the southern part of the trail to the Grand River and turned back to the parking lot. Mostly people walking with one jogger and four cyclists along the path.

cross country skiing
10 months ago

This is our go to for cross country skiing. Part of the trail runs along a little creek. Nice flat trails.

Very clean area! Great for an easy stroll. Very open- not a lot of coverage from sun- but it was great.

Very nice asphalt paved and well maintained trail through fairly flat open country and wetlands. Has a couple old silos one can climb via stairs on inside or faux rock climb on outside. Has a nice field office on site. Trail is well used and follows Grand River in places with nice vistas.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pretty nice trail; well looked after and the silo is fun to climb up. It is. Very easy and open so perfect for walking dogs or if you want to be in nature without going on an extreme hike.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Trail is nicely paved and very flat. The silo is fun to climb after because of the view, though the door to the balcony is only unlocked during special events. Towards the back of the trail is access to the grand river (along with a great spot for hammocks!) and there's also a boardwalk through some of the wetlands a little farther down from the access. Guaranteed to see animals since there is a horse and cow farm next to the park.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017