This is an amazing place to explore, as it is on a piece of land that has been left untouched since the 1800's! The trails are beautiful, wonderful for a variety of skill levels, and really wonderful to experience the as the seasons change through the year. One particularly fun time to explore (if you are up for the challenge and fun!) is a specific time during the spring when some areas (not all) of the trails are covered with a few inches of water. Wear waterproof footwear or go barefoot like I did. Even my 3 year old enjoys hiking these trails through the shallow water. (Kids aside, the trails are great for anyone in the area looking for a good local hike. Add weight to your pack or distance to your hike, or pick up your pace to add challenge.) The reflections of the forest trees, plants, and canopy on the calm shallow water are dreamy, especially in the sunlight of springtime! In my experience, there is a very specific time in the spring after a lot of rain when this neat natural process happens, but 99% of the time the trails are water free. There is a beautiful pond (called Dragonfly Pond I believe) along the trails as well and I have spent many a day in just about every kind of weather and season (both alone and with others) hiking around and enjoying this really cool piece of forest preserved from our land's past.