Proud Lake Recreation Area is located on the scenic Huron River and offers diverse and plentiful recreational opportunities. More than 20 miles of trails cover several diverse habitats. It also offers the unique River Hawk Lodge.

These trails are great for a good walk, being out with the family or dogs. Not a whole lot of variation in the terrain.

Love Proud Lake and its extremely scenic Huron River and pine trees. Feels like you're up north.

Nice trail with light traffic during the week. Plenty of wildlife and big enough that you don't hear any road noise.

Nice park. Not too busy. No mountain bikes, so the paths are in good shape. In some spots the "trail" disappears in heavy brush. Other parts are on shaky wooden bridges. Surprised to see it ranked moderate - I recorded only a 30 ft elevation change on my 4 mile trip

Nice and easy 5 mile trail. Saw an owl catch a snake, that was awesome. Moderately busy but wasn't too bad.

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