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Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (60,000 acres) is one of the few remaining large wilderness areas in the Midwest. Towering virgin timber, secluded lakes, and miles of wild rivers and streams make a visit to the "Porkies" a trip to remember. Black bears are common in the Porkies.

it was a good trail, very nice hike, not to trafficked, you never get a very good view of mirror lake but the trail is beautiful either way

1 day ago

Hiked in mid May to camp at site 1. So worth it! Great views. Challenging hills.

Great for beginners

Amazing views!

Definitely pack smart for this hike. Bring snacks and lots of water. The elevation changes and rocky terrain make this hike challenging! For a great view and less exhaustion, start the trail by the old mine shaft (picnic area). It cuts the hike in about half for those, like myself, without hiking poles or tough footwear.

on Union Mine Trail

7 days ago

It was interesting to read about the history of mining in the area. Decent hike.

This loop map is incomplete! This only shows the road and the West river trail. There is a matching East river trail on the other side that is definitely worth the hike! Refer to the paper maps passed out at the entrance to see both loops. I highly recommend going North (toward the lake) for the East Trail. It has some very steep embankments that would have been torture to climb up but were okay to go down ;) Lots of stairs and boardwalks on the West river side, more rustic on the East side.

on Escarpment Trail

7 days ago

This trail is awesome. Some sections have loose rock but it’s not exceedingly challenging. Bring lots of water and if you have trekking poles, bring them. Great views. Would love to go again at sunrise/sunset.

7 days ago

1) this map doesn’t show there is an east and west trail. Make sure to do both sides of the river. 2) they give you a paper map at the entrance which shows the east trail. 3) start with the west trail to learn about the waterfalls.

Very informative and interesting trail. Feels longer than a mile but worth the effort.

I have hiked this trail a few times, different times of the yr. muddy sometimes, cold sometimes, hot sometimes but that what I love about hiking the UP, Unpredictable weather, solitude and amazing views.

awesome so many views and it was so much fun but it was not moderate

One of my favorite hiking trails in the Porkies. Beautiful views and nice up and down hills to keep it interesting. I carried my son in a hiking pack on this trail today and found it challenging but not impossible. The trail was damp after raining most of the morning, but even with a heavy pack it was passable and the virgin forest is so worth it.

16 days ago

Beautiful trail with prairie, forest, and river-side terrain. I have carried my son in a pack on this trail, and I consider it easy, though it can be muddy. It is very picturesque and the placards on the trail are interesting.

18 days ago

My favorite hike in the Porkies. The waterfalls are spring fed and cold, perhaps beyond refreshingly cold, but it is a family tradition to jump in the water nonetheless. I have carried my son on this trail in a pack two years in a row and we have brought small dogs on the trail. It is beautiful and varied. From M107 to Trap Falls is 2.4 miles and you can extend the trail further using Lost Lake Trail to go to South Boundary Road (3.8 miles). If you have two cars you can park a car at south boundary and park a return vehicle on M107, hike from south boundary on Lost Lake trail, get to Trap Falls and then hike back out to M107 for a 6.2 mile hike.

This trail is rated as moderate? I would say closer to difficult. Well worth the hike. Unbelievable views. No need to go further than two miles in though. But definitely get to the first bluff, which is just shy of two miles. About 1586 ft elevation.

Nice easy trail but a lot of stairs. Great views of waterfalls.

22 days ago

Amazing trail. Recommend starting on the east side of the trail and hiking west, incredible views of lake of the clouds about halfway in, and we decided to hike back from there! Probably on the more difficult side of moderate if you take this way, lots of elevation changes (but WELL worth it!)

Lots of stairs, but the view from the top can’t be beat!! Amazing views!

Better the further you hike. Beautiful views. Beautiful forest sections between lookouts.

This is a great trail. Beautiful vistas as you near Lake of the Clouds. We did this in under 4 hours. We had to stop for wild blueberries throughout. Mid July. This is a stunner not to be missed.

on Pinkerton Creek Trail

28 days ago

I have done the Pinkerton Creek Trail multiple times and have always enjoyed it. It’s got a few scenic spots, a couple of which are accompanied by benches. Some (~5-10%) of the trail goes through slightly marshy terrain, but there are consistently wooden planks that keep you up out of the mud. During my hikes, these marshy areas have NOT been buggy, which I hugely appreciate. The Pinkerton Creek trail is mostly flat, with only a couple steep ascents/descents as you get to the mouth of the Little Carp River/the shores of Lake Superior. There is no access to water on the trail except at the far north end where it reaches the mouth of the Little Carp River/the shores of Lake Superior. I would definitely recommend this trail, which pairs nicely with the Lake Superior trail (going east or west—but beware of SIGNIFICANT mud to the east) or the Little Carp River trail. I did the Little Carp River trail (not currently listed on AllTrails) with the Pinkerton trail this time, starting at Little Carp Road and coming out and the Pinkerton trailhead along South Boundary Road.

Excellent little hike. Quiet with captivating forest and a creek for much of the trail. Nice cascades around several bends. Interesting learning about the copper mining history as well, and seeing an old mine shaft.


Amazing views of the forest and of Lake Superior

the trail itself was fantastic, the view from the tower was 3/5. just my opinion.

Pretty easy hike. The waterfalls were really cool to see and lots of easy paths.

1 month ago

I would highly recommend starting this trail from lake of the clouds. It reaches some nice bluffs and some great view of the park. At that point I would turn around. After that it is nothing but woods for about 7 miles until it reaches up with Lake Superior trail. Overall some cool views but also some very boring parts for a long distance.

1 month ago

We hiked this trail the past week and it was not that enjoyable. Plenty of muddy sections and stays in the woods for the most part. The view of lake superior were cool but stayed about the same the entire time. Doing the whole hike was pretty brutal and I would not repeat this tail. It also took us a very long time to finish this and carp river trail back to lake of the clouds.

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