Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, with 3,745 acres of a mixture of marshes, ponds, heavy forests, old farm fields, river bottom and lakes that support a variety of animals and excellent hunting. Designated trails throughout the recreation area are available for horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking.

6 months ago

This is quite a nice park with a variety of recreational options. We went for a 4.3 mile hike on a Friday afternoon with our dogs. The bike trail is pretty busy, so you want to stay away from it. The hiking and in many areas hiking/equestrian trail. It's partly hilly and mostly wooded and wasn't too busy. There is an $11 charge for the recreational passport.

Today (8-27-16) was my second time riding this trail. It's about 9.7 miles. It's located in a very nice state park. The trail goes through woods and some open areas. I have been mountain biking for a couple of years. I am not an expert but can handle advanced trails like the Holdridge Lake of Mt. Holly Recreation area. I am not exactly young at 65 but quite athletic. I am not crazy about this trail that's why I gave it a 2. The primary reason is that the trail has lots of sandy areas with gravel and locks in the middle of the trail. This causes the bike to slide and rather hard to control. On the positive side the park is very nice with a beach.

Good for a short but moderate hike. Some points of rooted terrain and 30+ degree incline.

I used the staff's directions on finding the trail but I couldn't.

mountain biking
8 months ago

Lots of great climbs. Also lots of loose rocks and exposed roots so be careful!

mountain biking
8 months ago

Rocky and fast. Love the first Hill.

We hiked the mountain bike trail. 11 mile hike with lots of hills. the whole thing took about 5.5 hours. Bring your swim suits, taking a swim in the lake at the end was icing in the cake.

11 months ago

We love hiking the horse and bike trails. Many sections to do to change things up. We go hiking here often.

I use to race expert on this trail back in the 90's. Now I have a t.b.i. and look forward to riding it again!

first-time on this trail. Intermediate rider

Great trail. Some nice, challenging climbs with big and fast downhills.
The best way that I can think of to describe this trail, is it felt like the Poto's little brother, because of the challenge / reward ratio.
there's two "easy / hard" forks in the trail. The first one is a little tricky, particularly, the climb back up on the other side. The second is no big deal at all.
Like the Poto, you can get some good speed on the downhills here, and the climbs will leave you winded.
Very good trail, I will be back!

1 year ago