one of the best views I've seen. easy but wear good shoes. easy to roll an ankle..

Great day with the family!

Super pretty views at the top. They have an easier and more difficult trail. The rocks very very cool as well.

Wow, is all I can say. Your eyes have to take it in.

Lots of stairs but we did it and the views were great!

Beautiful views, well worth the hike. 6 of us went ages from 13-46. Lots of stairs. There is an easy path and a more difficult path. We took the more difficult path. I would say if your half to 3/4 in good shape the path we took would be the path you want to take. Real rocky up hill path.

Did this hike with my husband (at the time boyfriend) when I went to visit him at college and loved it! Hike up is not too bad and the view is excellent overlooking Lake Superior and surrounding land. We saw a couple of lizards on our hike as well.

Was a great hike to the top of sugarloaf !
Went up the easy side and down the difficult , beautiful views of Marquette and presque isle!

Done sugarloaf a handful of times. Nice trail, beautiful scenery, overall short and easy hike. I recommend taking the trail up but forging your own way back down. Only complaint was the overwhelming amount of broken glass and cigarette butts. I've never hiked a location that was treated so poorly.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

This location has an easy and a difficult trail. The easy trail has about 14 flights of stairs up to the top of the mountain; but the trail itself is moderate (rocky, roots, erosion). It was enjoyable.

This trail is very easy. It's a nice and short hike. i do this one with my baby strapped to me when I just want to get some fresh air. there are even stairs with railings for people who maybe aren't used to hiking.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hope you like stair masters because almost the entire hike to the top is stairs. While this is a nice feature for families or for people who aren't used to hiking in general it is a bit tedious to say the least. The view from the top of Sugarloaf is the only saving grace on this hike.