Enough traffic that I never felt alone and vulnerable walking with my dog. Nice to see people really making use of their Arb on a consistent basis. Some nice forested areas, open grassy field towards the back, views of the river. Off the main trail you can find some decent hills.

Really nice trails good for running and or just a nice walk after work. Not hard but there are some hills that can get you to break a sweat if you want.

The Arb is small, but, as others note, has enough hills that you can get a fair bit of up and down. The many side trails offer more woodsy scenery and fewer people than the main trails. Using the side trails, it is fairly easy to string together 4 or so miles with no retracing your steps and get a total of 1000 feet of ascent. There is a spot along the Huron where you can cross the railroad tracks and walk along the river down to Gallup park. It is also very common to see deer in the park, geese, egrets, and herons along the river.

trail running
10 months ago

At such a convenient location, this arboretum is great for a quick trail running. It has got inclines and declines, paved and dirt, steeps and flats. The only complaint is that it is really a small arboretum. Things probably get boring after a few visits. But again, the location outweighs the space limitation.

Great place for hill training repeats. Lots of steady incline for 1200 meters up and down.

Friday, January 27, 2017

There are many trails with small hills. Suitable for school age kids, dogs on leash, and trail running

5 months ago

Monday, February 20, 2017

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