Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area consists of 723 acres with 80-acre Lake Minnewanna in the center Campers, hikers, boaters, anglers, hunters, cross-country skiers and others enjoy a wide variety recreational opportunities throughout the year. The park has a universally accessible fishing pier.

I've also been hiking and hunting here for 4 years. Beautiful scenery, a variety of trails, not just one loop. For those concerned about hunters, the majority are archers way off the trails and a few small game hunters like myself in the fall. The areas that can be hunted are a southern section with a parking area about a mile or so south of the main entrance with no trails and the northwestern area in the back of the park. There is no hunting in any other areas.

There is a very nice campground, a nice size lake with boat rentals, and a beach. The fishing can be a little bit or miss depending on the time of the year. During the spawn, the panfish line up the shores along the entire lake so don't limit yourself to the "fishing walkout". I've caught some nice bass along the shore and have even hooked a few pike.

The trails aren't too difficult. There are a few elevation changes throughout but they're not grueling or anything. There's a couple of low spots as well that can get a little muddy, but only if there's been a good rain. If you're into trail running then these trails are worth checking out. Beautiful scenery. But, be aware if you're into biking, there are no bikes allowed off the paved roads, so no mountain/trail biking.

You really can't go wrong with these trails or the park as a whole. The park is smack dab in the middle of Oak Country, so expect to see plenty of squirrels and the occasional deer. I've also jumped a couple of rabbits and turkey while on the trails.

Make a day of it and be sure to visit. You won't regret it.

9 months ago

Gorgeous hike through the trails, can't wait to go back.

Very nice trail. I especially liked the information posted about the various trees.

Love this trail. Will be even better in the summer

Nice views, and easy trail. Good trail to train on.

1 year ago

We live in the area and hike this trail for training regularly during the summer months. There isn't a lot of difficult terrain for challenges, but it gives us an opportunity to hike 6+ miles with a loaded pack.
Although we are backpackers, we have camped in the campground once or twice over the years. Since we're accustomed to backcountry camping we feel that the campground is a little too developed and lacks privacy. Nice beach, though.

I corrected the trail location....although there are more then 1 trail head to access the trail. The original location was off by 40 miles, and was not even shown in the correct park.

Great place to hike. The All Trails location is incorrect. The trail is at the state recreation area. Trail is well marked with signs at all intersections. There are 3 or 4 parking locations in the park where you can access trail heads.