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great scenes along the river, the bridge the boy scouts built is awesome!!

26 days ago

1.1 miles round trip. This is a pretty easy family trail. When you're in the parking lot, take the trail to your left, the right trail is the North Country Trail. The lake isn't large. There's 3 walk in camp sites. A nice trail.

1 month ago

In the spring it is crisscrossed with little ephemeral streams, the river view is almost constant, the budding trees are spectacular, and there’s very little noise pollution from the river.
However come summer, most of that is negated and it basically becomes a walk in the woods with a loud aquatic highway running next to it.
Not bad overall though

Was a nice well traveled with some grooming trail. Would have been better if they could have created a loop. We came back on an atv trail just to get a different view. There is definitely some wildlife based on tracks on the trail but we did not see any which would also have made it better. Large portions of the trail are shaded with a few clearings but it helped break up the scenery. Was impressed with the stands of pine that were planted in rows at some point in history.

The trails intertwine with frisbee golf courses, which look pretty challenging, but cause you to question if you are on the trail or the course. Trail was in good condition, shaded and view was nice and changing. I do think the trails could have been laced out a little better to catch better glimpses of marsh or waterholes. Was a good walk with family after lunch but this app was helpful to find and follow trail.

Lots of bugs was being swarmed by at least 10 flys the entire walk was annoying so tired around and went home

2 months ago

Great walk with a buddy! It dead ends at the ‘turn around’. It’s nothing but mushy marshland, but you get a different perspective on the hike back to the beginning.

Fun for the whole family.

my wife and I very much enjoyed this trail today. Weather was perfect so that always makes it better.

The trail is very wooded with easy elevations. The lake and wild flowers were pleasant. We did see a beautiful white tail dear while hiking.

We very much liked linking up with the North Country Trail. Hopefully we can do more of that trail in the future.

We only passed two sets of hikers so felt we had the whole forest to ourselves.

I did miss a couple of turns so stretched out the hike a bit but cut some off by cutting up Felch road but still did 8 miles.

Recommend this trail for hikers at any level.

7+ mile estimate is very misleading - loda lake trails altogether are probably 2ish miles. we added the birch grove trail and a small section of the north country trail for a total of about 6 miles.

good birding near the lake and on the first part of birch grove. woodpeckers, warblers, virios, lots of chipmunks and a couple of deer.

3 months ago

If you’re into flat, mosquito infested, skinny single track hiking trails with no views, this might be for you. I can’t speak to the mountain bike experience, but for my time I would prefer 15 Miles on the NCT hiking. Truthfully though, I skipped the hilly section at the end because of time constraints. I wish I had gone clockwise from the trail head and done the hills first, then used the NCT section and cut off miles of flat trail.

Nice hike with kids and dogs. $5 fee per car since it is a national forest.

We are looking forward to going back when flowers are blooming. Nice map with good information.

The Loda Lake trail is not as long as mapped on app. This makes a loop with NCT and Birch Grove trail.

We hiked clockwise on Loda Lake trail then took connector to NCT. We then walked north on NCT for a mile. Returned and completed loop to Loda Lake for a total of 6 miles.

Seen a male rose-breasted Grosebeak, blue racer snake, and dog “found” 3 ticks.

This is a hidden gem with bathroom and new expanded parking lot with picnic tables and shelter.

quiet primative hike in only. Love it.

My husband and Iare volunteer trail maintenance of this trail, from 18 -20 mile, it’s a nice easy trail with streams and swampy areas that give of wonderful earthy smells.
I have found that even in the ugliest part of the season ( between winter & Spring) nature is still amazing

took my son for a Day hike. We saw three Pileated woodpeckers, a kingfisher, a group of ducks, a handful of chickadees and nuthatches. We also saw a pair of red tailed hawks and heard some red-breasted woodpeckers. very nice Trail for down and back, like the previous comment we lost the trail in the mud at the turn around so we made our own.

Went on a snowy hike there in early March. Beautiful scenery and the lake is well worthy the trek.

9 months ago

Trail is named something different at trailhead. Lost the trail in the mud somewhere around the turnaround. Otherwise great hike secluded from human activity.

11 months ago

September 22-24 this was a great hike with the scouts spent the weekend

11 months ago

This is a beautiful short hike with a bunch of trails nearby. Has first cone first serve camp sites surrounding the lake as well.

Easy trails, well marked, some plants identified.

paddle sports
Thursday, September 14, 2017

floated a section of this river yesterday, m-37 to Gleason s landing, it took 3.5 hours and was so peaceful

love this trail

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I've been hiking this trail for almost twenty years and still love it

paddle sports
Thursday, September 14, 2017

one of the best floated I've ever been on. I recommend from Dobson bridge to Low bridge, it's a long float but totally worth it

mountain biking
Sunday, July 30, 2017

Well maintained and nice ride. Has some rolling hills and some sandy parts to watch out for, but not technical at all. I'd rate it beginner flow but intermediate climbs with some fast decent.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Evening the most difficult hikes are not bad. Great hike for a few hours on an afternoon. Very quiet.

Monday, July 17, 2017

This is not a walking trail even though it says so in the description. And there are no hiking trails in Scottville per the locals. It looks like a gorgeous river for fishing and canoeing/kayaking though.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

really awesome, we saw a fawn and a bunch of small animals. there were some pretty flowers and really pretty scenery. 10/10 will hike again. (just make sure you bring big spray!)

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Great dog walk!

Loda Lake is a great trail for nature walks, the guided wildflower trails, and a historic heritage trail. The map on this app shows more land than is really there at the wildflower sanctuary.

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