I liked this one. Easy but pretty mid-summer. Just a good woodland trail. Would be great for backpacking. Well-maintained.

mountain biking
13 days ago

Well groomed, well marked, wide trails excellent for mountain biking or hiking

Lots to see along the way and a few really nice forested wetlands with diverse bird and plant life.

Lots of ticks but other than that fun

Hiked out and back from M-20 in the mid afternoon. Trail was well marked in both directions. Mostly dry the week before yet there were still mucky areas especially near some of the boards. Not overly buggy, but we prepped with bug spray.

So. Many. Ticks. Beautiful trail though.

Trail nicely maintained and very pretty. Springs a beautiful time to visit, wished i waited a few more weeks for the spring foliage to really explode, but the forest awakening from its winter sleep was very pleasant as well. Beware this section of trail after a heavy rain. There are wooden walkways and a few bridges to help w spots that flood frequently, but i had to wade in the gentle flow a few times when those were flooded as well

I second that the description is inaccurate. No lake if you follow the route on the map. Some really cool trees though! There were a decent amount of bugs and a little bit of mud, but nothing we couldn’t manage. Only saw 2 other people on the hike.

Great day! No bugs before 3pm.

Awesome view of some cool trees

Very nice late April hike. Clear markings and paths. No lake views but there is a little river with a bridge. Parts of the hike had a LOT of bugs - and they seemed to come out like crazy after 4pm. Less in the day. Would recommend.

The description of this trail is wrong compared to the highlighted map. The hike from M20 up to Nichols Lake is more like 14 miles one-way, not 4.3. The highlighted trail shown goes south from M20, whereas, to go to Nichols Lake you have to go north of M20.

2 months ago

Good trail

Hiked a few miles north from Echo Dr. Really nice trail. Lots to look at, and some fun bridges to cross.

4 months ago

on Big M Trail

mountain biking
5 months ago

Steep ride in places, tough with 2+ inches over firm snow. But fun!!! Good workout, nice trail, can’t wait to ride it in the spring too.

nice walk in the woods

Our experience wasn't much different than others here. Sometimes the trail markers are confusing, so we used All Trails map and our location marker to figure it out. This 3.3 mile trail actually cuts your hike short of the marked trail. Only saw two people on horseback. We followed the trail in a clockwise loop, so the last 1/4 mile was the horse trail and was very soft sand. Have to pay $5.00 day-use fee. Enjoyable hike for this time of year imagine there would be lots of bugs in warmer weather.

Nice 6 mile loop. Some 2 track and some trail

North Country Trail 5.0 mile 9-30-19. M-20 Trailhead. Manistee National Forest.

9 months ago

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Very pretty, flat trail. A little bit of everything! Grass, sand, lots of caterpillars, some big pines. Only issue is that there's no good way to tell when to turn back. Have to pay attention to the map. Otherwise, wonderful trail!

Awesome trail! Took us about 1.5 hours for there and back! Don’t forget the bug spray. Only saw one other couple there.

First this is a bike trail most of all. When you get to the road, take the road! Also map it! I went 2 miles further than I should have and either could loop it or turn back. A 3.3 turned into a 10.11. There is not much beauty. The trails are overgrown and at times you can barley find them. The yellow arrows sometimes leave you wondering...ummmm. The leaves cover the roots so there are a lot of...oops. Overall it felt good. Last warning the deer run at you...like at you, at you. Yelling does not help to see that they change course.

tail were a little over grown but not terrible. kids and pup loved it. great place to go get lost in nature and teach my little ones to leave it better than we found it. only concern is we noticed alot of trash by some of the trails.

Super easy trail to do. There were a substantial amount of bugs. Bring bug spray. We came out next to an elementary school also. It wasn’t well marked. Nice scenery all in all. Three stars for the fact that it wasn’t well marked.

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