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super crowded. lots of dogs OFF leash. There are lots of people trying to learn how to backpack on an easy trail but they haven't learned basic trail etiquette. absolute nightmare in summer and fall. nice for winter hiking.

The trail part was fine. But the second half was on a road which wasn’t the best.

Our experience wasn't much different than others here. Sometimes the trail markers are confusing, so we used All Trails map and our location marker to figure it out. This 3.3 mile trail actually cuts your hike short of the marked trail. Only saw two people on horseback. We followed the trail in a clockwise loop, so the last 1/4 mile was the horse trail and was very soft sand. Have to pay $5.00 day-use fee. Enjoyable hike for this time of year imagine there would be lots of bugs in warmer weather.

Nice 6 mile loop. Some 2 track and some trail

I started at the red bridge and went clockwise to the north country trail then to the manistee river trail. I stayed 2 nights on the trail. The north country trail I did not see anyone. The second night I stayed on the manistee river trail and had a problem with coyotes trying to get into my food. I left my food and smell bag outside my tent and hanging about 6 and a half feet off the ground. I heard them howling and trying to get into the food. They were not sucessful but did keep me up. Please do not feed the wildlife and make sure there is no food in your tent. I camped near 3b. Overall the manistee river trail was great. Nice views in the fall.

North Country Trail 5.0 mile 9-30-19. M-20 Trailhead. Manistee National Forest.

Great trail but some downed trees. It does not look like the map is correct; I did the loop.

Minus the 1.5mi road portion, the trail was great. We did the whole 7.5 mi loop clockwise and only missed a turn once. The connectors aren't marked the best but if you're paying attention it's not bad. There is a $5 parking fee at the Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary.

It was a beautiful hike and the conditions were great. Well marked trail. We only went from the Seaton Creek Campground to the suspension bridge which was only a 2mi rd trip. Lots of pine woods.

1 month ago

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we didn't complete it this time we just did the loop

Very pretty, flat trail. A little bit of everything! Grass, sand, lots of caterpillars, some big pines. Only issue is that there's no good way to tell when to turn back. Have to pay attention to the map. Otherwise, wonderful trail!

Awesome trail! Took us about 1.5 hours for there and back! Don’t forget the bug spray. Only saw one other couple there.

Easy trail to do. We took our time and did it in 3 days, walking just a couple hours a day in order to enjoy camping and the outdoors. We walked 11h in total, including a back and forth because of some rain that was coming our way. We aren’t especially fit. On the NCT part you have to be careful with water (we had 4 liters and it was enough to drink and cook for day 1, the night and half of day 2 until you reach the river). MRT is nice but regarding camping spots, not so many are with direct access to water. Most of them are a couple meters above the water. We recommend 8A and 1C, where you are really at the river. Trail is well marked and easy to follow. We did it at the end of August, and there were a lot of bugs. A lot. Regarding wildlife, we saw deers, otters, raccoons, frogs, birds, and chipmunks. (From camping spot 8A for otters and deers drinking at the bank of the river). Overall an enjoyable time in the forest.

paddle sports
2 months ago

My favorite river. Beautiful scenery. This river is a little faster than most of the other rivers in the area but still a relaxing paddle. I take my SUP on it and there are only a few spots that I have to be careful with my fin.

2 months ago

Mosiquitos are very bad right now even after bug spray lol the dog loved the muddy spots so she’s happy... inside of my Jeep not so much lol Easy quick hike otherwise, oh no outhouse so make sure to plan ahead if you have kiddos with you!

3 months ago

Great hike with a pup today. The mosquitos were the same size as him, bring spray. Parts were pretty muddy after the storms last night, but overall the trail was in great shape

First this is a bike trail most of all. When you get to the road, take the road! Also map it! I went 2 miles further than I should have and either could loop it or turn back. A 3.3 turned into a 10.11. There is not much beauty. The trails are overgrown and at times you can barley find them. The yellow arrows sometimes leave you wondering...ummmm. The leaves cover the roots so there are a lot of...oops. Overall it felt good. Last warning the deer run at you...like at you, at you. Yelling does not help to see that they change course.

Deep woods, scenic overlooks, streams, rivers, old train bridge.

Beautiful trail. Bugs are rough this time of year. Lots of mosquito breeding grounds.

off trail
over grown
4 months ago

No trail to hike along the river. Maybe the water level is too high so we had to turn around and go home since there was not much access. We tried taking a dirt road to see how far that would take us but ran into lots of poison ivy. Beautiful river with a great spot for parking with a bathroom. Would recommend coming down with a kayak or canoe to take up the river instead.

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