More of a sight-seeing vacation than spectacular views. But still fun.

Bike around the island, and walk up the different paths on the way. Hit the stairs up to Arch Rock. Beautiful view all around.

Interior trails are good. The Fort and other activities are informative. I'd do it again in a heart beat

While visiting the island, our family enjoyed spending a couple hours hiking the interior trails of the island. We visited the Fort with its preserved terrain and restored battlements. We also enjoyed the different vistas that overlooked the circle trail and the surrounding Great Lakes.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Rode the Tranquil bluff trail, clockwise, it was anything but tranquil! Great and challenging single track with some very steep sections. I would recommend being very careful on the steep downhills. I should have walked mine down one of them but didn't and ended up launching over the handle bars only to be stopped by a tree, cracked some ribs and messed up my shoulder. Other than that it was a beautiful day, 70 degrees with a breeze, trail was in good condition. My one other complaint is all the horse sh..t on the trails, evidently the horse riders don't care about hikers and bikers. The paved trail that goes around the island is nice to just cruise on, that's what I had to use to get out after crashing. Oh and watch your bike on the ferry ride, they don't know how to transport bikes, ours all fell over twice on the rides. They basically just pile them up against the rail. Some good beers downtown.