Sunday, May 21, 2017

This is a nice spot to wander around. It's relatively flat most of the way (a few minor hills) and the trail is wide and simple to follow. The wildlife is typical of the area with lots of birds, deer, and rabbits, plus squirrels and chipmunks of course. Shortly after departing the parking lot there is a brief trail to the right that leads to the river and stops. That's as close to the river as you'll get (as long as you don't trespass on private property) since the trail is inland a bit most of the way. At the river I saw a blue heron but not much else; though the day I went was overcast and rather cool (upper 40s/low 50s). There are a few ponds in the preserve where I heard frogs and off beyond a private property sign I could hear turkeys.

My visit lasted 3.5 hours because I stop often to take photos and just enjoy the surroundings, though to walk the complete area shouldn't take more than two hours. As I mentioned above, there are some private property signs as a few houses do border the preserve as does a cemetery. You'll likely hear distant traffic while there as well which is common for every location I've been to in Southeast Michigan. Also, the sign at the entrance states that no dogs are allowed in the preserve.