My family went out there for an hour and a half. we did not complete the full trail, but enjoyed the portion that we did hike. parts of the trail are muddy this time of the year, which makes it fun for my kids, but probably would make it difficult to run. well be back in a month or so!!

Open areas, ponds, Woods, a little of everything! Lightly rolling areas. Mowed, grassy trails. In the east side woods trail respect the private property sign!

I love to come here to clear my head. It’s right outside of the city and not a difficult trail at all. You have options as well. You can walk the maze of paths that cut through the fields. Venture into the woods for a beautiful lush walk on some funky unkempt trails... go right at the fork for a short wooded walk to come out right back onto the field paths or go right at the fork for a longer trek (there is a sign a ways in saying you reached the can keep on going) out to the farmstead.

Beautiful area close to the city to just walk around and enjoy nature. Not a difficult trail, but there are wonderful views and it's very relaxing. (definitely wear/bring bug spray, the mosquitos are vicious in the wooded areas)