excellent place to spend a couple of hours riding offroad.

I enjoyed hiking their . I was the only hiker . I meet many bikers . I did 13 miles

mountain biking
3 months ago

Green is multi purpose trail. Orange is a one way for bikes and has tighter trails with lots of saplings and a few extra fun spots. Markers for both could be improved, but overall a nice ride. Non Novi residents pay $5 for parking.

mountain biking
4 months ago

So much fun! Would be 5 stars for biking except it needs a little bit better marking for the level of trail. Had a great time.

Haven't explored it all yet but I dig it.
-Mountain Biking Trails
-10 Miles
-Schortcuts to Head Trail
-Scattered Maps
Coming back to finish

That is awesome ran. Nice that is location.

That is awesome ran. Nice that is location.

Enjoyed many sections of the trail but from description of 7 miles in trail info, I was expecting the length of trails to be longer but found only short sections. The 7 miles must include bike trails which were extremely busy in the fall ( visited 4 times). The bike and waking trails extremely close to each other sometimes so when bikes came flying by, you can be startled easily. Just not quite what I expected.