Great short hike to go swimming! Although a bit strenuous for small children. Lake Michigan in its best natural setting.

This trail is pretty easy to get to the beach, which should be the main goal. It is about 2 miles from the lot to the dunes through maintained dirt trail. Here you can backpack in and set up camp on the dunes, which stay relatively private even if it is crowded. Incredible to camp at the fringe of the forest for shade, but to be able to stargaze at night and swim during the day. Perfect mix of camping and beach relaxing. Parking at the lot is a few bucks per night and fills up fast so people park on the access road. Bathrooms at the parking lot.

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Great backpacking destination for dispersed camping. Don't be discouraged the posted route for this trail is only 3.5 miles, we turned it into 21 miles by doing a figure 8 loop from Nordhouse, to Ludington, to Lake Mich Rec Area, and back. I highly recommend this route or one similar if you truly want to experience the many different areas here. Also, if you prefer to put in some actual hiking miles. The inland dune area between nordhouse and ludington was the most strenuous section but my favorite by far. Check out our video here:

Great trail to go out for a day hike on. highly recommend it

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one of the most beautiful places I've ever been

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