Island Lake Recreation Area has one of the nation's safest shooting ranges. The park has great canoeing, volley ball courts, picnic shelters, swimming and cabins to rent.

Great trail. Not as technical as Poto but a great variety of terrain. Great water at the trail head parking.

For those interested in mountain biking, Island Lake offers 2 trails: Blue Trail at 9.5 miles and Yellow Trail at 5.6 miles. Both trails difficulties are about the same, they are moderate and not too difficult. My wife has just started mountain biking and the two of us did the Blue one in 1 hour and 25 minutes. I then did the Yellow one in 45 minutes. There are only a few difficult parts. The trail is simply gorgeous, going though wooded areas with many waterways. You can see one of the lakes from one part. There are pit toilets at the entrance to the trails. The only negative about both trails are that not all turns have signs. They are actually somewhat confusing in a couple of areas where you have to travel on the park road and then get back on the trail. I highly recommend having the Alltrails app on your iPhone. I used it a couple of times to get back on the trail.

We took the blue path for a 10 mile hike, Great stops and good scenery BUT bikes go the same direction as hikers and the path is best suited for biking.

I love this beginner level trail, you can fast and its where I bring all my first timers. The 13 mile road route is fantastic and is easy to connect to Kensington.

Nice scenery. plenty of bike traffic on the weekends. Not the hills I was expecting, nothing to really get your heart rate up. Definitely recommended for great views and a casual easy hike, if you are OK with bike traffic.

We hiked the yellow trail which was a fun easy trail. As a hiker the trail is far too narrow in most spots to let bikes pass. If it were just a hiking trail or just a biking trail it would be much better.

Lots of bike traffic, but everyone is courteous.

Easy paved trail. Great for families!

Great trails for the beginner mountain biker or the skilled rider. The blue loop is about a 9 mile loop and is fast and great for novice riders, but plenty of trail features to keep the skilled riders entertained. The yellow loop is shorter at 6 miles, but is a tad more technical. Still a good ride for beginners at slower speeds. There is also a 5 mile paved trail that connects to Kensington Metropark.
Hikers and runners should go the opposite direction of the trail signs to make it safer for everyone. A skilled rider that is familiar with the trails should be able to complete both loops in about an hour.
This link says it is only 13 miles, but both loops are actually 15-16 miles from the trailhead. It also says it is "easy" and much of it is, but many climbs, decent's and sandy sections still make my wife nervous.

Beautiful scenic trail. Narrow in places. Well marked for the most part.

Rode this morning after the rail. Big puddles but very ridable. Plan on getting dirty. Trail drains well - but it'll be muddy tomorrow.