1 year ago

I agree with John but go in main entrance on Sashabaw, go right at the tee, & go to end of road in parking lot by nature center. There is a fee, BTW, but worth it. Starting there by end of parking lot, Springlake is trail to RIGHT of fork. But hard to get lost: almost every junction has weatherproof map on post to tell you where to go. I like Springlake with Gray loop & come back by Rocky Ridge. Some hills so why rated moderate. Got used to the gravel but rather they hadn't. For these trails almost completely shaded: didn't really need sunscreen but would for ones around lake. And plan for more like 5 miles for my route.

Trails are not nearly as difficult as the rating implies. For older people looking for a scenic walk.

These trails are actually in the Independence Oaks County Park off Sashabaw Road for the person who could not find it. After doing this hike a couple of times I determined that for true hikers you want to do the Springlake trail and then add the Ted gray loop. If you hike the loop counterclockwise, where the trail splits for the lakeshore portion stay to the left. It stays a hiking trail. The trail to the right turns into a multi purpose trail, not very scenic and alot more crowded. After figuring this out this has been become of my better regular hikes.

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4 years ago

i am not a fan of the gravel they have put on many areas as it is hard to run on without hurting my feet. trails are nice though at the park.

Bell hidden trail. Couldn't find it.

love.this trail and park, great for kayaking too