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cross country skiing
8 days ago

Used to go cross country skiing out here with my dad and sisters when we were kids. We have a good story or two about some black diamond hills and getting lost on the trail after sunset... Would like to go out here again and get my boyfriend on the trails this time. ❤❤❤

Miles of hiking along the AuSable River with some gorgeous views. I'm ready to go back this year to spot all the fall colors (maybe even make time for a canoe trip on the river). One of the best hiking trails to represent my hometown. ❤❤❤❤

Nice trail, easy walking with no obsticals. The view looking down the hill into the river is great.

14 days ago

We took the lower trail - the Potawatomi. We found the trail was poorly maintained; there were multiple trees - medium to small - that had fallen on the trail, there was a fair amount of plant growth on the path, which would not have been so bad had it not been ladden with poison ivy. So much of my viewing pleasure was taken by constantly having to watch for the poisonous plant that it greatly detracted from enjoying the vistas. Additionally this trail was heavily filled with mosquitoes so be prepared for that too.

1 month ago

specifically says no bikes.

We hiked 7.8 miles around Byron Lake and had a wonderful time. the trail was well marked and we never lost the trail. we were prepared for ticks but only saw one thankfully! the Byron Lake camping site was clean and the beach/water looked nice. The only people we saw on the hike were some fishermen at the lake.

did a two day 1 night hike here, started from the east trailhead, hiked the 9 mile path to Byron lake one the first day and the 6 mile path back to the trailhead on the second day.

there were parts of the trail that required a bit of bushwacking and about 15 trees down over the trail but nothing that was a real problem. the trail is very well marked and the map is well done.

the campsites at Byron lake were quite nice and very pretty. We only walked past the north hoist lake sites but they looked nice as well.

surprisingly fewer mosquitoes than I expected for a rainy weekend in July but we did get quite a few ticks. long pants are a must for this one.

$5/ day self service parking fee at the lot cash or check.

all in all a good trail, it's not listed correctly on this app. it is a 16 mile loop if you take the long way, but you can shortcut it if you want to.

Beautiful trail hike got cut short from Thunderstorms can't wait take go back an finish up :)

2 months ago

Took a two day backpacking trip on this trail. It was a really nice trail and was very well maintained with a parking lot on both the east and west sides of the footpath. The campsites near the southeast lake are well placed with gorgeous views. Got a bit cold while we were there but the weather was to be expected for this time of year.

really nice to for hiking or backpacking. the trials are clearly marked and well taken care of. I like the fact you can take moderate or hard paths. this is a trail I would recommend to anyone who wants to challenge themselves. the only thing I wish they had was more water refill locations.

2 months ago

Good park. Not to difficult to backpack and good camp sites.