P. J. Hoffmaster State Park features over three miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, a 297 site modern campground, towering Lake Michigan dunes, and the Gillette Sand Dune Visitor Center. Miles of hiking and skiing trails offer stunning views of Lake Michigan and subtle beauty at every turn.

Beautiful! Many turns throughout the wooded area. There are a few hills and several tree roots in the trails which made the hike a tiny bit more challenging then I was expecting. Once you hike up the sand dune that leads you out of the woods to Lake Michigan there is an orange arrow spray painted on a tree pointing towards the lake. In retrospect, I think that was an indication of the direction I should have gone to continue on the actual trail. Because I had my dog with me and there were signs saying that dogs were not allowed on the beach I ended up cutting through some wooded sand dunes to make my way back.
Even before that little detour I had already hiked 2 miles, so this trail is definitely longer than 1.7 miles...my estimate is that it's closer to 2.5 miles. Its a great trial and I can't wait to go back.

5 months ago

Great quiet easy walk up and down through dunes and forest, my dog loved it!! Terminates on the crashing shores of lake MI and that's fun but we only stayed for 5 minutes bc the rangers are strict on the beaches about dogs. Even though we literally saw ZERO people. Gorgeous end-of-summer-hike-with-hound.

8 months ago

Great view and nice quiet walk

Easy, pretty, fun. Well groomed trail. Leads to the beach. Walk along beach to the main entrance to complete it

1 year ago

closed for construction. 3-17-16.

Beautiful view at the top, stairs are stable and secure. Good trail even in winter.

2 years ago

This is a fun trail that travels the ups and downs of the forested dunes and ends with a stretch along Lake Michigan. According to my GPS app, it is 1.8 miles for the loop. There are some ups and downs on the trail and a short trek on the dune at the lake.

This little trail climbs on top of ridges and over tree roots. It is curvy and exciting. You never know what is going to be around the next corner. It leads straight to the beautiful Lake Michigan beach.

4 years ago