2 months ago

just an awesome place. many different trails and the scenery is gorgeous and pristine. so many things to see and experience.

2 months ago

i come here every year! i love this place!

Love it.

7 months ago

Seems like a nice environment, but be aware the boardwalk over the water is potentially hazardous for small children, non-swimmers and small, unhealthy dogs or dogs with disabilities.
November 12th my husband and I, with two of our dogs, began walking the boardwalk. Just after reaching open water, my husband looked out across the marsh, at that same moment, our aging pug stepped off the opposite side. She hung for two, maybe three seconds by her collar, then slipped out of it and into the water. She stepped off because she has no vision in her right eye, the same side of the boardwalk that she stepped off of. She also has deteriorating vision in her left eye, and has never swam before, so my immediate concern was that she might drown. My husband laid down on the dock and tried reaching for her, luckily instincts kicked in and she resurfaced and began dog paddling, but she was out of reach. Because she is little, aging and has poor vision, my husband had to get in the water too rescue her.

8 months ago

Nice well maintained trails. Dog friendly. Went on a nice fall day. Not very crowded. Not always clear as to which way to go to complete the loop but if you check on the map then you'll be fine.

We visit here often. The trails are well marked and maintained. Dogs welcome, on-leash. The paths are wide and easy to navigate. You never know what animals you'll see along the way.

11 months ago

All the trails at Crosswinds Marsh are very well maintained. I hike here at least several times a month year-round. There is a lot of wildlife here including deer, beaver, mink, coyotes and all sorts of birds including a resident nesting pair of bald eagles. The hiking is very easy. I don't think there is a hill higher than ten feet in the whole park. Parts of the trails will be muddy and/or wet to the point of impassable after heavy or persistent rains. Bring insect repellent in the Summer. Great place for birding.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Great day

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Love it here!

Thursday, January 28, 2016