I keep wanting to like Cherry Hill. I came back, hoping for fall color. As before, the Bluffs trails and Woodland trail are pretty little trails, very little - maybe 1 mile total. Then your choices are to either continue on through an unattractive meadow with soggy trails or backtrack, making this an out-and-back trail. If I come back, I will choose the latter - the brushy meadow with mushy trails just isn't interesting.

I said I'd come back when the trails were thawed and, hopefully, drier. Unfortunately, I rate my second visit worse than my first. The High Bluff and Woodlands trails are nice, as is the Wetland Trail on the south side of the wetland and around to the viewing platform overlooking the the wetland (well, as nice as a boardwalk can be). The wetland trail west of the viewing platform (leaving the platform, take an immediate left) is overgrown, soggy, and not particularly interesting. It leads to the edge of the Preserve, where there is a path through the undergrowth in the power line right-of-way that takes you north to the North Trail. I saw MTB tracks on both the Wetland Trail west of the platform and the power line path; neither section has anywhere a hiker could go to get out of the way of a bike. The North Trail is also overgrown and has as many soggy spots as the bad part of the Wetland Trail. Much as I want to like Cherry Hill, and I really like the High Bluff and Woodlands Trails, they are neither long nor interesting enough as an out-and-back to entice me back here frequently. If you want a hike in this area, Matthaei Gardens offers much more interesting hiking, longer trails, and more wildlife, less than a mile away. The only "advantage" Cherry Hill has is free parking alongside a dusty dirt road, while you have to pay to park at Matthaei. Photos are geotagged with my 6/1/18 track.

Cherry Hill Nature Preserve is a nice little woods and prairie park, 160 acres with 2.5 miles or so of trails. Take a map at the entrance if you have a planned hike, there are no map signs in the park. I went after a day or so of rain, before the ground has completely thawed - bad idea. While the trails in the woods were mostly good (from the entrance, left around the High Bluff trail, turns into the Wetland trail, then back to marker 9). The wooded trail from marker 9 to 8 was pretty soggy. The North Trail west from marker 7 is scrub and was soaked. East from marker 7, through 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and back to the entrance is mostly prairie. Those trails were all very soggy in spots and somewhat soggy almost everywhere. I'll come back in a month, after the ground thoroughly thaws and there's been a dry week. The photos I uploaded are also geo-tagged on the track I uploaded.