Bond Falls is a scenic waterfall created as the middle branch of the Ontonagon river tumbles over a thick belt of fractured rock, dividing it into numerous small cascades. Roadside parking and picnic tables are available near the top of the falls. An accessible boardwalk with six viewing locations.

18 days ago

Gorgeous! I walked this trail the week of Thanksgiving 2017, so there was plenty of snow. There was actually a surprising amount of foot traffic considering the weather. The trails were a little treacherous with the ice that formed from the waterfall spray, so I don’t recommend going in the snowy seasons unless you are pretty sure-footed. The snowy falls made for some really beautiful photos though!

2 months ago

Beautiful falls with easy handicap access or a nice loop from the free parking at the top. The falls are especially beautiful when partially frozen in the winter. Note that the loop trail becomes difficult and a bit dangerous at times during the winter due to ice.

Family friendly trail or steps. Beautiful view of the falls. Convenient picnic area across the street from the top.

6 months ago