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The trail was very muddy and soft not good to walk in with sneakers, too slippery to run. Met a lot of cute dogs along the way. Trash free and beautiful views.

6 months ago

6 months ago

Nice, smooth pea gravel for most of the trail. A few tire ruts. Lots of nice hideaway places for swimming or fishing. Met 8 to 10 groups of people. Nicely groomed. Alas, no freighters.

I enjoyed the trail but giving it only 3 stars because of the dead end on the north side of the trail at the golf driving range, and it has not been well maintained (weeds) where the benches are. Saw two blue herons, and loved the scenery.

7 months ago

Dangerous. A crackhead woman followed me and tried fighting with me for no reason. No security or anyone else around to do anything. thankfully I got out of there.

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washed out
8 months ago

9 months ago

Lovely island with great views of both Detroit and Canada. The trail shown is great for biking but is essentially a 3 lane road which is not the kind of trail I was hoping to run on. The loop at the North end of the Isle was closed. I did find one lovely gravelly trail through the woods. Detroit is not a great city to run in!!

9 months ago

nice park with lots of things to see. tried to jog around the entire perimeter, got hung up near the light house, dead end as there was a fence separating the driving range from the trail. the perimeter road near the coast guard station. was slightly flooded, but not enough to totally soak shoes and socks.

excellent place to bike around. Fun, roughly 6 mile loop, with tons of offshoots to take you exploring on mini adventures into the botanical gardens or the aquarium, or other back areas of the park. Surrounded by water, and small lakes within the island, this park offers A LOT!

10 months ago

This is a bike loop but it was a fun hike. Belle Isle like Detroit has so much potential, keep working at it. Awesome urban park hike!

love the hiking trails

Thu Aug 30 2018

Very overgrown and closed in. There were a lot of mosquitos. We turned back after the first trail. Not very kid friendly.

Flat an easy run. Views of Detroit river were pleasing.

I mean, it’s located in the city, so you can’t complain too much. I suggest sticking close to the water edge and find the foot trails through the tall grasses.

All flat land, beautiful views of the surrounding waters. Went mid afternoon (1:30 pm EST), where the high sun really baked us. lots of branching paths leading to areas of lagoon to launch kayak from, or just chill out on the bank.

Absolutely gorgeous. Surrounded entirely by water with multiple hidden away cozy places to read.

Sun Dec 24 2017

Belle Isle is a superb getaway inside Detroit. Except for the closing of one end of the island for a month each year for the Grand Prix and my impatience waiting as the state eventually repairs and renovates all aspects of the park, most of the island is a great set of fields, gathering places, views of Detroit and Windsor, space for walks/jogs/bike rides, and occasional planned activities. The museum fills a nice hour, and the greenhouse and garden are maintained beautifully. The fountain and casino building are great for photos. The walk out to the lighthouse and on the trails across the little bridge is pretty, pleasant, and excellent for a lazy picnic or nap with a book. Watch the sunset, watch the variety of people, and watch the big container ships as you escape the hubbub of the city for a while.

Nice escape from the concrete jungle. I️ like to combine this hike with a bike loop around the island and end with a dip in the river.

Fri Nov 10 2017

Scenic and a relatively easy route. Good for a relaxing walk in the summer.

We love this route. We are frequent visitors of Belle Isle and since the State of Michigan is now in charge, it is an amazing place. Great place to hike with dogs and let them swim. (This is a DOG FRIENDLY trail and state park).

We love this route. We are frequent visitors of Belle Isle and since the State of Michigan is now in charge, it is an amazing place. Great place to hike with dogs and let them swim. (This is a DOG FRIENDLY trail and state park). This is also located in Detroit, Michigan. There is no access from Canada.

3 months ago

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4 months ago

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