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Bald Mountain Recreation Area has some of the steepest hills and most rugged terrain in southeastern Michigan. Camping is limited to rustic cabins, but the extensive trails, inland lakes, trout streams and wild game provide recreation opportunities all year long.

2 months ago

Nice trail but loud. Sporting clay range is very active this time of year.

3 months ago

Same thing the other guy said . Unless u bring scuba gear , your done . Other than that , nice trail .

Nice trail . Easy to follow . There are several inclines but nothing crazy. I’ll go back

Mostly easy terrain- a few hills. Had to dodge a few mountain bikers. Pretty low traffic so very peaceful and pretty.

Bald Mt is a huge park over 3 different sections so pay close attention to the various parking location for the trail.

Trail is flooded out and no longer passable.

6 months ago

This is one of my fav local spots for hiking. Small hills are a nice challenge for beginners. There are wooden bridges for creek crossings. Can be muddy in the spring.

Went on the White trail. Nice wooded trail with some little climbs and descents with lots of roots. I took my 8 year old son and he handled it well but at slow speeds. It would be fun to do this fast. Make sure to bring bug spray-we got eaten alive!

great trail. It was wet in a few spots but for the majority it was a wide trail with hard packed dirt and some hills. I took my dog and she was able to cool off in one of the lakes at the half way point.

White trail was great. Nice elevation changes. We will definitely be back for the orange trail soon. If ticks are a concern for you, this is a great trail because its all woods...we got thhru without a single hitchhiker!

Orange Trail was awesome! Lots of wildlife, very quiet. Hard to believe you’re in metro Detroit at times. Highly suggested.

I took my engagement photos here in late August of 2016 and loved it

The orange loop was great, very beautiful!

Excellent trail system right in my own backyard. Love the orange loop, especially. Layout is perfect for hiking, biking, and cross country skiing. The paddling is incredible here too.

Great trail. Loop 1-6 was 3.5 miles. Mostly snow covered, some areas were muddy.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Rolling hills, pines, bogs, lake overlooks.

One of my favorite trails near metro Detroit. Lakes and elevation changes make for an interesting hike.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Beautiful trail with multiple lake views and elevation changes!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

beautiful area and a well kept & well marked trail

One of my favorites close to the metro area. If you hit both loops it makes for an excellent day hike with some decent hills and views of some gorgeous lakes.

Nice loop feels off the map for a good portion of the hike. Some bikers so pay attention.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Our first time on the trail. We only saw about 6-7 other hikers out there on the entire loop. We did see some kayakers on the many lakes.That may be why we come back the next time is to kayak. There were benches for people to take a break if needed. The only issue we had was the mountain bikes. With some very quick elevation changes and blind corners; a few bikers were taking the trail at breakneck speeds paying no heed to the fact that there were hikers on the trail. In all, it was an enjoyable few hours and we'll be back when the fall comes around.

Quiet trail on a Monday, easy hike with a couple places for the dog to jump into streams. Clearly marked and well maintained. 3.3 mile loop.

Perfect day for a hike.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Quite a few flooded areas on the trail today, but if you don't mind taking small detours around them it shouldn't a problem. Lots of good, steep hills, and the views of the surrounding lakes/ponds are beautiful.

I couldn't even find the Bald Mountain Trail (it's in the Bald Mountain Recreation Park) we took today. Hence I post it under the one that's closest. If you follow the direction that AllTrails provides for you'll get to the other Bald Mountain trail.

Take Greenshield Rd off 24 to get directly to the trail head. If you enter the park through the main entrance, you can park at the second or third to last parking lot and take a short trail that connects to the trail head. We took our dogs on a late Sunday afternoon. The trail is mostly wooded and an easy hike. You share the trail with bikers. We didn't see too many, so no big deal while we were there. You can extend or shorten your hike as you like, as there are many trails across.

Fun local trail. We hiked it with our kids. 4 year old managed to walk quite a bit of it on his own. Baby cruised in big wheeled jogger stroller. Very quiet and peaceful trail.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nice and shade covered for a hot day. There were a ton of frogs and toads, mushrooms to look at and little lakes and ponds to enjoy!

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