Open from dawn to dusk year round. Wilson Mountain was acquired in 1995. Its 213 Acres protect diverse wildlife habitat and important recreational open space. The property provides panoramic views of Boston and the Blue Hills and is the largest remaining piece of open space in Dedham.

Nice lunch break walk! My husband took it nicely-he is 6 month post-op hip replacement and took it easily.

To be totally honest, I don't do this exact trail. I kayak the up-river section of this and start and finish at the Dolan Center. I also do the water trail loop that is about 6.7 miles long (roughly 4hrs). The loop covers this trail and then some. It is a nice little place. I also have taken a SUP over this area. The current is not too strong (sometimes in the spring it is stronger but still not that strong).The river is not deep in this area (a few inches to 5 feet). I bring my dog out with me and he likes to swim along side me (he does wear a life vest) and it is shallow enough that he mixes swimming and wading.I tend only do the loop in the spring because the section called the Long Ditch gets very shallow in the summer. I go downstream when doing the loop so that the ditch is the only part that is upstream. There are some fish in the river. I've seen some success fishing( I personally don't fish). There are snapping turtles around here so FYI. The Charles is also popular with beavers and deer. Lots of ducks and geese and the occasional Great Blue Herring.

The parking lot at the launch is down the hill from the community center. In the spring/summer, there are baseball games at the field right beside the parking lot so it can be really busy (technically only vehicles with rooftop racks are allowed to park down there but that is never enforced).

There are rentals provided through the town of Dedham of canoes and kayaks. Check out their website for more info on that.

On the weekends, LL Bean runs a discovery school out of the Dolan Center launch. It can be busy depending on the class sizes.

From the launching parking lot, there is also a little trail off to the side. It is an easy trail. The dog loves it. If you follow it, it can lead to either New Bridge on the Charles's trails or a street and on the other side of the street is Wilson Mountain.

My dog loves this place in the summer. There is a little watering hole that a lot of people take their dogs swimming in. Technically, dogs have to be on leash but at this spot no one really cares as long as the dogs are behaving. I've been going here for years and only had one issue with the leash. Lots of little trails to go on. Nothing is too difficult.