trail running
1 month ago

Kudos to the folks that take care of this place. The blocked trail from the fallen tree has been cleaned up. No overgrowth. Great for trail running with the pup.

nature trips
2 months ago

Took 2 dogs I walk here to check it out, and see if this could be a place to visit again.
Started from the All Trails App location and walked with them down the main trail (wildcat) and decided to cut through the middle trail to bring you back to Marsh Trail that loops back to the parking area. Great hike, looks like someone came by and chopped up all the fallen trees that were in the way that was described by the person below me. The reason I am giving it 4 stars is because the middle trail leads to a bridge that I’m guessing went over the little pond but has been washed out, we could not cross so we had to turn back the way we came.
Overall great trails, pine needle trails so don’t have to worry about long grass and the ticks that come with it! Will go back for sure but do not take the trail that cuts through I would just take the long loop all the way around.

Started Hike from Herrick Road entrance. I decided to go by the State map and All trails map. The trail itself was easy, but if I would have used the map posted at the entrance I probably would have understood the markings. Currently the shirt trail from 10 to 9 or vice versa is not accessible. There us a huge tree that fell down. Trail 6, going towards 5 is also not accessible so you're not able to do the loop. I had to back track. Make sure to wear good hiking shoes and you're aware of branches and rocks sticking out. definitely bring bug spray. Overall, I don't see myself coming back until I see some new reviews that indicate the passages have been cleaned up.

6 months ago