Nice trail with modest climb up, went on Labor Day weekend and got a good crowd. View on the top is beautiful.

We went up the trail to see the 21 August 2017 eclipse. It was our second time on Watatic. Very well maintained trail, and popular enough that you don't really need to watch for blazes, as the trails are well worn. I'm not a dog person, and many owners let their pets off the leash on top, and the dogs like to check out strangers lunches and lick their legs. Not something I appreciate.

always so much fun

Attempted this hike for the first time as a sunrise hiking adventure. With that being said we had to leave in the middle of the night to get there, and started our hike in the pitch black of the early morning. It had rained a lot the day before so there was some mud and slippery rocks on the trail. Besides these obstacles, and obviously dealing with the dark, we managed to make it to the summit in about an hour. Charlie did this hike too and I would say it is definitely a good dog hike. Not a lot of intense elevation climbs either which was nice. I've heard the views are really good too, and was looking forward to some awesome sunrise photos. However, unfortunately the fog was so thick from the rains of the previous day we weren't able to see anything. The fog was cool and creepy though so I managed to get a few shots while we were up there. The hike down was ALOT easier with some natural light, hahaha.