I was a little disappointed with this hike. The falls are very nice, especially now while the levels are still high. I went with my two dogs, who loved the Trail (they both gave 5 stars). Even the older guy, who's mildly arthritic, had no problem with the little rock scramble. The problem I had was with the trail markings. After Spirit Falls, I could see the pups were getting tired. There was a trail to the left marked by white, which I think of as a connector. I took it, thinking it might link up with the bike trail. It goes in a direction toward the bike path for a few hundred yards, then seems to vanish. I swept forward, left and right for a hundred feet or so, but saw no signage, or even a game trail. At that point, we just turned around and backtracked. A nice hike if you're doing the entire thing but I wouldn't travel any distance for this particular one.