Check the tide chart before you go; you can get stuck if you go out before high tide. This is a beautiful, scenic walk from the visitor center (great for kids and adults) that has a wooden plank boardwalk out to the bay. During Summer the boardwalk is surrounded by beautiful, lush green sea grass. At low tide and sunset there will be small tidal pools that fill up and reflect the sunset colors which are fun to walk around. Be prepared for green head flies. You may see some turtles as well.

great for viewing seabirds, turtle nesting. beautiful views.

Great easy walk. I'd highly suggest walking to where it meets the ocean. Watch out for the free head flies though- they were brutal.

The Wellfleet Audubon offers a modern and interesting visitor center and a variety of mostly level treks covering pretty much the whole sanctuary. Lots of woods, a freshwater mini-river which feeds into the marsh, and a boardwalk leading to an outer Sanctuary beach (however, at high tide the boardwalk is submerged). The visitor center posts the times of high tide, so you can plan to avoid being stranded.

A very beautiful stroll along a well maintained trail/path. I enjoyed walking on the boardwalk along the path.