In 1878 a system of reservoirs was constructed to provide water supply by holding back the Sudbury river, to supplement the Lake Cochituate system in Natick. These new reservoirs were Sudbury, Whitehall, Hopkinton, Ashland, Stearns, Brackett, and Foss. In 1947 the Whitehall, Hopkinton, Ashland and Cochituate Reservoirs were turned into State Parks, and in 1976 the entire Sudbury System was officially reclassified as an emergency water supply. Today only the Sudbury Reservoir and Foss (Framingham Reservoir No. 3) are classified as a reserve drinking water supply. The DCR owns and manages 4,943 acres of land in the Sudbury Reservoir watershed system.

2 months ago

A nice parking spot at the trailhead, spaces for 5 cars or so. This puts you right on the reservoir. The Bay Circuit Trail runs along the carriage road but there is a more rustic trail option right down on the water. I did a bit of both. Plenty of birds along the way, woodpeckers, ducks, heron. I went all the way down to the dam which was cool to see. Jumped on Pine Hill Rd for the return then noticed a trail to my left which was a rustic carriage trail, some blowdown but nice, unexpected. This trail gets you to the top of Pine Hill then goes along the Harvard Univ property (they have a campus on the north side of the hill). Did a bit of bushwacking toward the end to avoid the road. One option is to stay on the carriage trail which would bring you to the Harvard access road or Parmenter Street. All good, this is a wonderful property.

on Bay Circuit Loop

1 month ago