good walking area.a bit over grow in late summer. a few obstacles to consider with small children like washed out bridges and paths.

Really enjoyed this trail! Easy to get to and has beautiful scenery!

One of our favorite trails! Beautiful ponds, wildlife, and clear paths. Keep an eye out for the giant snapper turtle that lives in Freeman Pond. We've been seeing it for the past few years. Remember bug spray in the spring and summer.

Pretty trails if you stick by the water, otherwise semi lackluster. Good for exercise, will be nice to bring dogs in nicer weather to go for a walk/swim.

I didn't have a problem finding the entrance. I went 1/22/16 and it was beautiful and quite. Get a map because the trails do intertwine! Overall, great place to relax.

It was difficult to get to the trail head and parking using the address and directions provided by All Trails. I am still not sure we were in the right place as we didn't see a single pond. The trail was pretty manageable. It was a quicker hike which our dog loved.

great trail with great scenery. The trailhead is wrong. after finding it it was a very short hike probably around an hour and a half with two dogs and two people. Had a great time and it was a beautiful day. Lots of very cool wooden platforms, Creek, pond, and nice use. I would consider this an easy hike with a backpack not sleep at all. also I didn't look at the map but I doubt it was 3.6 miles as it is labeled on this site.

Trail head on Barlow's Landing Rd. Hiked 5 miles around black and red trails . Beautiful woodland and pond views.