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Went back down into the "thumb" area this time dropping down from King Philip's Overlook which was a nice steep descent. Found a rough trail down at the water heading to the left. Took this over to the area I explored before and went further, finding a nice ledge and vista on the Charles. I might suggest to the Trustees that they clean these trails up some, it's a nice area.

Beautiful day for a hike. Many options to take.

Great trail good hills and views. Amazing start point.

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2 months ago

First time I went down onto the "thumb" trail, over by the ledge, past KP Overlook. Have been in this place a bunch of times and down this trail but never went all the way. It's pretty cool down there, will be back to investigate more, not sure you can get that close to the river (which would be a plus). Check it out!

This trail seems like it would be more fun on a mountain bike. The path is narrow and, at points, not very well maintained (overgrowth in vegetation). Nothing scenic about it. Parking is also extremely limited. You’d be better off driving down the road to the Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary.

6 months ago

Great loop starting at the Sherborn playground parking lot. Started up through the Pine Hill Cemetery then headed over to the Pine Hill School before doing a big loop around the Town Forest. Came back around and found the Pine Hill peak then drained out via the south side of the cemetery admiring Pastor Dowse's awesome family gravestone along the way. The good Father was the Pastor of the Pilgrim Society and Mass Senate Chaplain back in the late 1800's. Good stuff!

Parked at the Main Street trailhead and went directly to the train tracks. Picked up the Red Trail and did that loop returning the same way. It was raining a bit but still quite pleasant. The choo choo train came chugging down the tracks, that's always a thrill.

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Monday, October 02, 2017

First time up Pine Hill in Sherborn! Very nice, tranquil, forest north of Farm Pond and just to the south of the Pine Hill School. The ledges just off the summit of Pine Hill are fantastic. A nice little 4 mile out and back from Farm Pond. Maybe combine it with a dip, when it's warmer! Enjoy!

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Perfect day to trail-run Mt. Misery as the tropical depression Jose was in town, blowing things about. This was my first time in this forest which is right across the street from Farm Pond. It's a nice little property, some signs of boy scout activities and camping in there. The town cell tower, disguised as a giant tree, is in there too. The cell coverage is great! Misery is a nice little ledge with a cute little erratic placed right in the middle of it (looks like humans, not glaciers, put it there but you never know!). Went all the way up to Farm Road spooking a dough deer. A nice property for sure!

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

A great trail run through the forest this morning. Several Mom's were in the woods with their furry friends! Went across the tracks for the first time and discovered a really nice loop over there. As usual, a few guys were flying their airplanes at the Medfield air strip, viewable from King Phillip's ledge. Continued around to the boat landing, more furry creatures! A perfect day for a run in the woods!

Go from the other side off Forest Street and take the steep trail up to the top of the overlook for a fantastic view over the Charles River. About a 2.8 mile loop.

Easy and fun! Great view!

Monday, October 03, 2016

This trail loop was pretty easy with little terrain and a lot of vegetation surrounding the trail, as well as lots of huge coniferous trees. No views whatsoever, but some nice little places along the trail. I wouldn't recommend this as a scenic trail, but is a nice walk in the woods

Easy hike, decent views.

Beautiful scenery, forest, marshland and views of the Charles river. Easy mile hike, certainly check out the blue trail to get the best views!

There are some great views of the Charles river from some of the higher elevation! It's quiet and a great way to enjoy nature. The one downside was that the trails were not well marked and sometimes led to a dead end.

Observed a deer, turtles, frogs. Had some fun trails to hike! Be carful of parking, its limited with 5 cars for the lot.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

theres not much uphill but the king phillip overlook makes it all worth while. its a nice little place with lots of trails.

3 months ago

6 months ago

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