I liked the view, an easy walk and decent place to smoke half a pack of Parliaments. Always prevent forest fires. Make sure to leave your butts snuffed out for someone else to clean up.

Quick out and back to the south end of Scorton Creek in Sandwich; doesn’t really look like a cranberry bog though.

8 months ago

Returned for harvest season, the bogs have not been flooded yet but bushes are large. Nice hike

Well marked easy waking trail. Great way to cool off in the summer heat. Easy to get to as it is right in Sandwich. The only negative is that the trail is close to the Mid Capr highway so road noise is constantly in the background.

11 months ago

Quick short trail.

Nice short hike, less than 20 minutes. Go all the way to the end of the trail, you won’t be disappointed

Sat Mar 30 2019

Nice short easy hike in partially wooded area and through canberry bogs, quite interesting.

Nice maintained trail. slight elevation to mt perry with nice ocean look out through power line. highway is really loud aloung deer run.

Clear trail. Wide enough for two people to walk side by side.

Sat May 28 2016

Really easy flat hike. Done in about 25 minutes. As of 5/26 the trail is clear as day. We even ventured off onto the "blue trail". Very nice.

Sat Jul 26 2014

Great place to hike (not marked very well ) but has Scorton creek to swim or kayak or bring dog and also has a cool fresh water pond too ! Nice selection of hiking trails !

Sat Jul 26 2014

Not a very good place to hike better for mountain biking or dirt bike . Parking area looks like no one has parked there in a long time ! Trails not marked got lost ended up in someones backyard & had to ask for directions back by road 1.5 mile hike back to the car ! Go to Scorton Creek instead Excellent place to Hike !!!

Sat Oct 12 2013

My daughter and I hiked this trail today. There is no parking lot or signage and GPS had us park on the side of the road at the dead end and walk. Nice paths and hills but remember your way because as you walk deeper into the woods you go off many paths which made it difficult to find our way back. I recommend hiking in October because we didn't see one bug.

Sun Jun 09 2013

I had a difficult time finding the trailhead and following the trail. I'm not sure if I ever made the actual trail. Many trails were crossing one another. However the woods were nice. Be sure to bring insect repellent.

Wed Apr 03 2013

very level, wasn't very clear, however I did go during the winter and after a storm so it may be cleaned up now.

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