Sandy Point is at the very southern tip of Plum Island, a classic Atlantic Ocean barrier island. The 77-acre park is among the state's most beautiful and popular coastal beaches. It is also an important nesting area for the piping plover, a threatened species, and the least tern, a species of special concern in Massachusetts. Passive recreational activities include walking, beachcombing, fishing and birding. Access is through the abutting Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

Love the dune trails. So pretty and unique. I would avoid going in the middle of a hot day because the sand will become very hot to walk on in bare feet. You will want sandals for parts of the trail that go under trees where you will have to walk on some sticks.

Really nice hike but if you don't like walking in sand it may not be for you. Much of this is on the beach and a good section is in dunes. The scenery is spectacular and we had a great time. The Crane Castle has some great views.

Absolutely beautiful. Dogs and horses are welcome on the beach until the end of March.

Awesome scrub pine woods. sandy trail, pine needles, occasional steep dune hills. magnificent views. Best on a cold winter day. Only sounds are wind and surf.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Amazing. Gorgeous day in December but cold (and I mean COLD) and windy. Not the trail's fault, however. Very little people which I liked, fantastic views, sand trails, ocean everywhere, lovely landscapes, and a g9od time. I think we did about 5-6 miles on various trails and yeah, my calves hurt for a few days afterwards as well as my hip flexors but that only means you got a good workout. Worth it. Can't imagine how pretty it is in summer. Only thing is the cost to access, even off-season it's $10 with no veteran prices and a whopping $25 in summer. A great place to beach it up but $25 is excessive in my opinion.

may just be the most beautiful place next to Sedona! WOW WOW WOW....many areas to explore. We traveled a lot uphill but worth it. now going to tour the castle! A must see!!!

$25-$30 to park during the season, well worth the money if you want easy parking, and a day at the beach and exploring. Take the trail at the end of the lot *back right*. It leads you through the woods to less populated beach spots.

Monday, September 05, 2016

This is a beautiful trail, that allows you to trek round the house, through a uplands forest, and along the dunes, onto the beach if you like. There are few places with this sort of diversity, and it makes for a lovely day.

We were here on an overcast/rainy day and had nearly the whole place to over selves. Parking was $10 (off-season rate?). Be forewarned, the trails are mostly sand paths through the dunes, so bring proper footwear and quad muscles! Even spotted some plovers on the beach!

Nice walk through the dunes at cranes beach. Still have to pay to park. Would have liked to know the trail is mostly sand.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

This trail is mostly made of sand and was hard to climb at times. There is also a $25 fee to enter the area where the trail starts. The views were pretty but ultimately not worth the money or sand in my shoes.

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