4 months ago

Though road is marked with street signs but not on google maps, as mentioned north road to old north road takes you to trail head. Used directions here and google maps took me to it. Last couple miles is dirt road but easily passable. Trail is really not near much of anything but a few homes down the road, it doesn't get much traffic. Take the parking lot entrance or just walk up the road from the parking lot a little and on the left you'll see clearly marked entrance to the trail also. Depends on how much walking you want to do. Eventually, you see a sign that says summit and if coming from the parking area, you go left. If you go right, it takes you to the trail entrance I mentioned above. Another 15 minutes and you'll be at the summit. As mentioned, easy walking for the most part till you hit the last few minutes where you get a little bit steep. It is somewhat rocky going up in spots but nothing major. Just be careful where you're stepping and you'll be fine. Summit has some nice views. You could spend a little time on the rock ledge and eat lunch if you'd like, nice little area. Rate this as easy even with those few minutes of uphill to the summit.