1 month ago

Do not hike here during the night. Its not safe.Or any time for that matter.
I enjoy nighttime walks down trails, and while I have encountered the occasional druggie its always a nice stroll hearing the crickets and smelling the nighttime air. But this hiking trail is a major exception! I refuse to even shop at the stop n shop right outside the entrance! Im almost certain the place is haunted. My dog refuses to let me take him back in there unless its during the day, you can hear dogs whaling in the distance. They follow you all around at night. I swear the tree's move at night! I can hear them. Even the few campers who live there haven't been there long and all say they spend as little time deep in the reserve as possible! I know this sounds crazy but all I know is im keeping myself and my dog far away from that trail! Besides there is a much better trail to the south. I would love to see an episode of ghost adventures about this place though. But I would rather not do the investigating myself...