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At 3,491 feet, Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. Rising above the surrounding Berkshire landscape, dramatic views of 60-90 miles distant may be seen. It became Massachusetts' first wilderness state park, acquired by the Commonwealth in 1898, to preserve its natural environment for public enjoyment. Wild and rugged yet intimate and accessible, Mount Greylock rewards the visitor exploring this special place of scenic and natural beauty. Explore Plan Your Visit for basic visitor services information, maps and brochures, operating hours and seasons. Visit Recreation for more detailed information on rules and regulations for backpack camping, snowmobiling, visiting with pets and hunting seasons. Bascom Lodge on the summit offers overnight accommodations and meals from late-May through mid/late-October. For other lodge details call 413-743-1591 or click here. For the latest weather information for Mount Greylock area visit this Weather link.

I chose this trail because it was described as the easiest way to the summit and I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew having not done a summit hike in some time. The first ~3 miles, the Cheshire Harbor trail, steadily ascends through the woods on a wide and easy to follow trail. The most rewarding and interesting part however was the .75 stretch of the AT that brings you to the summit once you cross the road at the end of the Harbor trail. This stretch is short but beautiful and dense. It passes a neat little pond and the smell of the evergreens is strong in the air. I did this on a foggy day which added a "deep in the woods" feel. The summit was completely foggy and offered no views, but I drove up the summit road afterwards once the fog broke. If you ignore the town of North Adams directly at the base of the summit, there are nice rolling mountains in the distance and far visibility.

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We headed out from the Notch parking lot which has ample parking. We were the only car! The trailhead starts right from the top of the lot.

A very underused trail on the first mile with wet muddy portions (we've had extended rain lately) and a lot of downed trees. Normally that would not be a problem but we were pack carrying a toddler and an infant so height restrictions were in play.

At the 1.5 mark a crashed airplane wing is on the left side of the trail during the ascent. Continue another .3 up to see the full wreckage of the aircraft fatality. Pay some respect as you see it only 30 feet off the trail on the left side as you ascend.

Another .3 up the trail with very steep portions you intersect the AT in a beautiful wooded junction.

We headed back the same route instead of summiting Greylock due to two cranky kids.

Portions muddy and some steep climbs, but a very practical and pretty trail with some sobering history along the edges.

I would do this trail again when the kids are older.

on a historical note:. the aircraft is N540W and crashed in 1967. It is a Piper, not a Cessna as incorrectly stated in a recent article. There were two fatalities.

Relatively difficult yet satisfying when you reach the summit. Awe inspiring

I did this hike during Winter. Weather was quite challenging. The wind chills at the summit was -25F. If you decide to do this hike in winter, I would definitely recommend you to carry warm clothes.
Beautiful views from the top !