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At 3,491 feet, Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. Rising above the surrounding Berkshire landscape, dramatic views of 60-90 miles distant may be seen. It became Massachusetts' first wilderness state park, acquired by the Commonwealth in 1898, to preserve its natural environment for public enjoyment. Wild and rugged yet intimate and accessible, Mount Greylock rewards the visitor exploring this special place of scenic and natural beauty. Explore Plan Your Visit for basic visitor services information, maps and brochures, operating hours and seasons. Visit Recreation for more detailed information on rules and regulations for backpack camping, snowmobiling, visiting with pets and hunting seasons. Bascom Lodge on the summit offers overnight accommodations and meals from late-May through mid/late-October. For other lodge details call 413-743-1591 or click here. For the latest weather information for Mount Greylock area visit this Weather link.

Used the AllTrails site to get directions to the AT -> Greylock trail-head and it dropped us off at the Thunderbolt start instead which was disappointing. We went ahead and hiked up, not entirely sure where we were since we had bad cell reception. All-in-all we were a little disappointed how short the hike was, but it was an experience all the same. There was snow coverage on the majority of the trail, with a few pockets of weeds poking through here and there. Skiers and snowboarders had left some trails which had turned to hard ice making it a bit challenging to find good footing. We ventured in these conditions without crampons which was a mistake. The wind at the top was pretty biting with the temp around 35'ish so we didn't spend much time enjoying the nice views. It took us nearly 4 hours up and down, without crampons in very icy conditions.

if you click the full map link on this page it'll indicate that the trailhead for this hike is around 275 North St. Cheshire, MA 01225. However, if you click the directions link it'll take you to the trailhead for the Thunderbolt trail. Given the mixup I don't have a review for the AT hike, but will drop one for Thunderbolt instead.

Took roaring brook trail from the parking then veered onto Stony Ledge trail to the Vista. Stony Ledge trail is pretty steep in spots. Was about a foot of heavy wet snow so snowshoes were a must. Took Sperry road back to the Roaring brook trail which brought me back to the parking lot. Great hike on a beautiful day. Looking forward to doing it again in the summer and fall.

Well blazed and lightly packed by snowmobiles although I only saw them in the Summit road.

3 months ago

*July 3, 2016*
I hiked this trail back in July 3 along with Mt Greylock from the Jones Nose trailhead. The only way that you know that you're at the summit is by carins that are placed there. The hike along the AT was pretty much flat with a few little ups and downs.

great trail, amazing view

This hike I found to be rather fulfilling. Not in the traditional sense with 1 great view at the top, but more so everything encompassed together as a whole.
The trail is very easy to follow and pretty straightforward winding a bit through the woods. It was raining and snowy when I went which made the walk a bit easier actually but slowed me down a bit. (Easier but slower steps).
With about 3/4 of a mile remaining the trail crosses the road and dips into some thick woods. There's a nice little lake with a cabin that you walk around before you reach the road again and a bit further to the summit. Very peaceful area and during the summer the lodge is open where in my opinion would be a great place to unwind and grab a bite before you go back down. The view is very nice but it can be windy up top.
Because the trail isn't too rocky and is a steady incline up and decline down, it won't take particularly long to finish. I would rate this as a moderate hike as no point is really that steep or challenging. The best part is the last mile.

Beautiful hike and we'll worth an afternoon.

5 months ago

Absolutely loved this trail.

Thiel Rd was closed due to snow, so we parked on Gould Rd and had about a 20 min hike to the beginning of the Tbolt trail. From that point it took us about an hour to the top.

The trail was very steep, hardest I've hiked in my short "hiking career." It had snowed overnight about an inch so as we ascended, the footing got worse and worse. Thankfully it was a "trail day" so there was about 10 or so folks out on the trail clearing brush for future skiing. They had already made some nice paths to show some of the better foot spots. Even so, we both fell a few times, small falls to knee or hand down, etc.

The summit is pretty cool. The lounge thing was closed at the top due to season (think it closed last week) and it was too windy and chilly to really sit and soak it all in. There was a nice display that pointed out highlights to look for on the horizon as well as a sculpture of the mountain with the trails identified (we used this to map the way down an alternative trail).

Because of the conditions and the difficulty of the trail, we decided it would not be a good idea to take it back down. So we went to the left side of the mountain and went down the Gould trail which eventually dumped us at a different parking area from our car. It was a short hike through a X-country ski trail back to our parking area.

Overall, great hike. Can't wait to do it again during warmer conditions. Maybe 3 weeks earlier in fall would be ideal.

Marked well, nice hike to the summit.