6 days ago

I like to think of how I can achieve a difficult trail by what I have to look forward to, on the way down. The hike up is fun and there are many opportunities to stop along the river trail up.. if you don't mind the wet rocks when stopping or corssing. On your way down be weary of the slipperiness.

I only hiked to the lower falls. It was approximately 0.7 mile/20 minutes each way with moderate trail difficulty. The hike to the lower falls can be challenging because it's mostly uphill, steep and rocky. However, you will get a good workout and the waterfall is worth it! I did go right after it rained so the water was flowing nicely. The rocks were a bit slippery, so be careful. There isn't a lot of parking there so I did have to park on a side street. I would recommend bringing buy spray, and of course a camera!

One of my favourite hikes in the area, best in Spring when the water flows strong.

Great snow shoe trail. Well marked, not busy, beautiful waterfalls and views. Awesome hike

7 months ago

I hiked this in July, so the falls weren't really the goal. The ascent to the AT is tough, but the last mile to the peak of Mt. Everett is the real calf-buster. For those who have the time, or those who want an easier and much more rewarding view, go south on the AT to Mt. Race. It's only about 35min to the summit, and 360-degree views. You can see Mt. Greylock on a clear day.

a liitle slick on the way down from Everett on the A.T. but the falls were running!

Let me preface by saying I have been hiking for a few months and went with a more experienced hiker - this was a bust for us. Parking was easy, we started the trail fine, but it was poorly marked and we were quickly lost again and again. We kept finding ourselves following the brook which is along the trail for a bit but it diverts without clear direction. The falls were dried when we went but there were markers leading up to them, and then again, no clear marker as to which way after. We eventually summitted the actual falls (don't do this!) and then went back to the car and headed to Bash Bish for a more clearly marked adventure. The brook and moss were pretty but we spent two hours meandering about, really.