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This is a great moderate hike. The first mile of the 5 is by far the most difficult where you gain most of the 1,000 feet of elevation for the 5.5 mile hike. It was a very foggy morning so the views weren’t great at first. However, I got the high point in Connecticut like I wanted and once we gained the ridge just to the west of the high point the valley below was bathed in sunlight and so that was a great sight. All-in-all it was a delightful hike.

15 days ago

Quick, moderate hike the way we went (blue blazes to white blazes). Was a warmer day for October and met a rattlesnake at the top so use caution. Great views on a clear day!

As mentioned, trailhead is not really marked but it is on Mt. Washington Rd. at the border with CT, you can't miss it if you stop there. If you're looking for a trailhead board, there is none. There is room to park several cars at the start and a couple more across from it or just down 50 feet is another area you can use. Rain storms within the last week made the start a bit tricky, as the trail is a run off from the mountain and was flowing a bit at times. Just off the side along it in points, it seems that others made an indentation in the brush so figured why not, walk through it. Saved my feet from getting too wet. Trail goes out a bit flat then a bit of a hill climb to Round Mt. summit. It's not that long a strenuous area but enough to give you a little workout and some nice views. Continuing, you can see Frissell just beyond so head down then up some more boulder climbing, once again, not all that long and not crazy strenuous. Got to the summit of Frissel and kept walking then stopped and thought, am I missing something? Headed back up and then went up the spur to the summit marking on the tree and the register that a private individual maintains a couple times a year. Downward to the highest point in CT. Found that register easily and the views were nice. Continued westward and found the Tri State marker. Did my best to be in all 3 states at once, lol. Continued and found the Ashley Hill Trail. Yes, this goes up to Alander but not towards the summit as I had been to Alander a couple months back. If you're looking to summit Alander from this area, go west a bit more, you'll see the South Taconic trail, go right and head north. You'll get closer to Alander Mt. summit this way. It's like a little over 3 miles I believe from this point. I decided to go to Brace Mountain which if you look at the two signs indicating where to go, one is correct at .4 miles, the other says it's like a mile more and not sure who created that sign but somebody should fix it. It's a short jaunt, easy summit and you might catch some hang gliders which I did. Headed back down and took a right following the AllTrails app map. Yes, it's a fairly straightforward downhill march but hindsight being 20/20, I should have gone back the way I came. It's not all that exciting and it's really rocky and slippery if wet like today was. Not that it's hard but it wears on your feet. You then get to the bottom where it's still wet and just an access trail or something and still a bit ways away from the road. Looks like I traveled way more than necessary and didn't really get anything more than miles and exercise (which isn't bad just boring). I probably could have tried going up Bear Mountain if I had just gone straight back. Even though going back you had to go up and down the summits again, they aren't really crazy in height. Live and learn

21 days ago

Quite a steep climb, fabulous views from the top. As of 9/30/18 however, the second half of the loop trail (the descent) was closed due to dangerous conditions, so we had to retrace our steps. (Based on the metal signs, this closure appears to be permanent by the way.)

30 days ago

Nice quick hike...steep enough to get a good work out. Stellar views of the Harlem Valley to the south along with the Catskills to the west.

IMO this is the best way to get to Brace Mountain and see a lot of cool stuff along the way. Nice views at Round Hill, with some steep areas going up, then down and back up to Frissell, where there is no real view at the peak, but plenty just after on your way to the CT high point, with Riga Lake below you. A bit further you come to the three states marker, then make your way gradually up to the South Taconic trail and Brace Mountain, with beautiful views of the Harlem Valley and beyond. It's a very popular spot for paragliders, and there were at least ten of them up there when we arrived, either in the air or getting ready to take off. The walk back down Brace Mountain Road is very rocky in places but super easy. We parked one car at the start of the hike and the other at the end of Brace Mountain Road, on West St., which is the best way to do it and keeps you from having to slog another boring mile up the road at the end. Great great hike!

Not a maintained trail. Do not try to find it without someone that knows it.

Very interesting hike for sure. The trail meanders along the border on the way to Frissell. Crossing the summit of Round Mountain in Connecticut. This peak has a cairn and nice views of the next mountain you climb. The trail is quite rocky, similar to the Skyline Trail at Blue Hills if you’ve done it. It gains elevation quickly, but not for a long. Frissell has no views, but a short spur will take you to a summit registry box. Following the red blazes will take you back to Connecticut and over to the high point. This has a view, a cairn and registry box with a log and a cardboard “Connecticut” sign. The trail to the high point could use some maintenance, it has become quite overgrown in some places. Beyond this a steep downhill will take you to the Tri-State Marker. We stopped here instead of continuing to Brace Mountain due to poor trail marking and confusing splits just beyond the marker.

What an awesome hike. My wife and I did Mt. Greylock the day before and while that was nice, this was so much more enjoyable. The elevation gain is rather small meaning this hike is pretty much moderate at best, with a few hard sections. I great beginner's "intermediate" hike, if that makes any sense.

While there are much bigger more impressive mountains in the Northeast, this has become one of my favorites, even out of the big ones like Whiteface, Mansfield, Washington, Franconia's Loop, and others. This has such nice views and such enjoyable hiking that it is impossible not to like it. We could have banged out the trek in under 3 hours but decided to take a while at the final summit to enjoy the Sunday morning views. Also, there is a really cool log book on the high point marker that you can sign in. Reading about highpointers from all across the U.S. was such a special and meaningful reward. So inspiring, even though I'm only on #4.

A few tips:
There are no trail head signs. On the right side of the road relative to how you drove in, you will find a little parking area with a tree with a red blaze on it. That's the trail. No trailhead logbook, no map, nothing. The trail is very well marked for the first several miles so have no worries about that.

The only tricky part (for us) is that after about 30 minutes in, you will go up a few rock face scrambles. After the last one, you will come to a T in the trail that has no signage. Stay right. You'll know you are on the right trail if you hit the summit of Round Mountain a few minutes later. It has a large cairn marking its peak.

Out of the 5.4 miles listed, almost a mile is walked back on the road which is obviously easy, and another 3/4 is an old double track road-> trail type deal, so the hike is relatively very very easy. Enjoy and happy trails!

4 months ago

This was a solid hike; you will get a workout ... the views at the top are amazing.

BUT while the trail here is listed as a loop; at the top where the loop goes back down ... and yes there is a trail there blazed as BLUE ... it is officially CLOSED and not maintained at all. Of course we didn’t see this until we had FINALLY finished the trail from the top down and there is a closed sign at the bottom. That section was BAD ... and while there was a trail there are one point it is extremely
Overgrown ... use at your own risk.

Otherwise this hike is awesome.

Very nice hike, not too challenging. It is a great to do with friends & kids. 5 kids, ages 11 & 9 completed this hike, with a spur up to Brace. Great views of the Taconic range in NY.

Not that hard, but the scenery and views were breathtaking.

This was a nice fall hike. I only hiked Round Mountain, Mount Frissell, the South Slope High Point, and to the tri-State marker. The trail wasn’t bad at all and I met some high pointers on the trail. I really enjoyed this hike.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Fun little hike.

Good hike, especially if you're into borders and tri-points like me. However, I'd skip the last two thirds (counterclockwise) of the mapped hike and instead do an out-and-back with Brace Mountain. (Those last two thirds are just an easy downhill slog through the woods.)

Great hike and difficult in numerous places.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Very icy but fun!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Very nice views of the northwest corner of CT.

Started this hike at Under Mountain Trailhead on Route 41. Took Undermountain trail to the Appalachian Trail and hike to summit of Bear Mt. From there hiked to Round Mt and then over to Mt. Frissel. The weather was amazing and views were spectacular, especially with the foliage. 9.6 miles total.

Drove past trailhead since it was not marked. Thick vegetation at beginning, and spooked a large deer. Rattlesnake on rocks of roundtop. Steep rocky scramble, but short distance. Plenty of good views along the way, just not from the summit. Pretty, secluded, and quiet hike.

This was a great hike. The trail can is pretty steep and rocky on the way up. The views at the top were amazing. Not as steep coming back down if you follow the All Trails map but lots of loose rock. You definitely want a good pair of hiking boots probably with ankle support.

hard trail , lot of fun

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Monday, December 07, 2015

Absolutely beautiful hike when you reach the top, trails marked decently to follow! Some steep parts and steep climbs so be prepared! But the view is worth the work

Beautiful, but terrifying on the ravine. Quite hard.

Was nearly bit by a rattlesnake on this mtn so beware. Still fun to hike

Well worth the hike,

The trail head is not marked. I followed Brians track. The trail head is north of the Appalachian Trail head. You will pass the AT trail head when heading north and pass another trail head on the east side of the road. Go north and there will be one more trail head on the west with parking on the east and west sides of the road. Park there and the trail head is on the west. Beautiful trail! The view from the peak is non existent as stated previously, but the view just past the MA/CT boarder marker is amazing with the catskills in the back ground! I would highly recommend that trip for any one that is up to the climb

I hiked this Trail from Mt. Washington Road in Salisbury, CT and around the Tri-state marker and down to the Ranger Station in Mt. Washington. Beyond amazing, the steep climb to the top was well worth it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I have done half of this hike twice and all of it once. I start at the parking area across from the MA/CT marker. Follow trail up Round Mtn and then down and then up Mt Frissell. This is not an easy hike. It is VERY rocky and rooty. I recommend that anyone who hikes this include some bandages and an ice pack or two, along with water and snacks. I have hiked several high points and this is one of the hardest, but a great challenge with great views on Round Mtn.

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