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Mt. Tom boasts an unparalleled view of the Connecticut Valley north and south, the Berkshire mountains to the west and the Pelham hills to the east. This 2,082 acre facility offers 20 miles of hiking and walking trails; picnicking; canoeing and fishing on Lake Bray; and cross country skiing and ice skating in the winter. Mt. Tom also offers a children's play area. Lake Bray is a small waterbody consisting of less than 10 acres. The Oxbow located 2 miles North of the Route 5 entrance would be an alternative site for boating enthusiasts. Today the Reservation includes about 47 of the 80 tree species found naturally in Hampshire County. Mt. Tom is one of the premier hawk watching spots in New England. Each fall, thousands of hawks and other birds fly past the mountain.

super easy. be prepared for mud

This was a good journey! Parts of this trail had very few people. Great views, and lots of space at the peak so everyone can stake out a vantage point which is nice. I felt like I got a good workout in without it being strenuous. Lots of trails in the area too, so I'll be back soon to explore. Did this loop in 2.5 hours (with a few stops at the peak)

This trek starts at the defunct Mountain Park which was a turn of the century amusement park. The course leads you around the fenced-in park and up to the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail which is part of the New England Trail signed off by Obama a few years ago. There was a nice waterfall this day as the rain has been steady. One trail option is up the old Mt Tom ski trail, you can see the old ski buildings which are in a state of disrepair. Once on top the white blazed trail leads you across the Mt Tom MM trail with stunning views of Easthampton below. Keep going to Deadtop then the Mt Tom summit before heading down the paved road by the B-17 Memorial site. A Flying Fortress crashed here on return from Grandby, Newfoundland. All aboard were sadly lost. Stop and pray for those young boys, their lives cut short. Return via the reservoir with beautiful views of the Mt Tom and the ridgeline you just hiked! Enjoy!

Great trail! We went around clockwise and the views were spectacular - even on a blustery November day. The trails are marked and we checked at every junction to confirm our direction. Many trails in this reservation - wonderful area.

Easy breezy

on T Bagg Trail

4 months ago

Well marked trail with some awesome views. We went up to Eyrie Ruins House, which was pretty neat.

Great walk for my dog. $5 parking fee at the entrance gate and there was LOTS of people.

5 months ago

Love this trail. Great quick workout, twisty and turny in places but well marked. Leads to Goat Peak and Eyrie Ruins, so fun stuff to explore at the top.

I hiked this with my mom. Both of us are experienced hikers, but we had trouble getting oriented from the Quarry Trail to the M&M ( go right or left?) There was no signage to help, just laminated maps. The money taker in the welcome kiosk admitted he never hiked there, so he was no help. We finally figured it out ourselves.
The views were great. The rock ledges and outcroppings were cool. I was completely disappointed in the "summit". It was covered in graffiti. The cell towers, chain link fences and power sheds totally took away the pleasure of the climb. (I will admit that the old ski lift support and wind mill a little before the summit were cool. )
Also we didn't know where the B 17 memorial was ( Again, the guy in the kiosk was NO help)...so we were not able to visit it and I had REALLY wanted to.

Great hike. So picturesque. It can get a little challenging on the more natural paths on the way out but to me that’s the best part.
So many mushrooms on the trail today. Beautiful and varied.

5 months ago

Did this on a cloudy, muggy day and loved every minute of it. I took Kay Bee—Keystone—Quarry—MM all the way down to the 141 entrance than back MM—DOC—Knox—Bray Valley to Bray Loop. So much to see! There are some hairy yet fun parts of MM that bring you very close to the edge, but the difficulty lies in endurance. A lot of ups and downs. This hike for me was about 12.5 miles and took six hours. Obviously you can do shorter hikes, there are great views once you hit MM. It was off and on rainy, and I slipped twice on rocks, but even that part was fun :) highly recommend, would rate as hard though based on rocky terrain.

I love this hike! It is from Bruce Scofield's book "Hiking the Pioneer Valley" except he starts you off in the parking lot inside the park whereas this one you park outside of the park - not necessary unless you'll be there after the gate closes. Some decent uphills and good views of Easthampton from Goat peak and Whiting.

6 months ago

Decided to go here as I hadn't walked the area in about 35 years. Found out there is an outer loop and a lakeside loop or shorter walk. The outer has some undulation on the trails and a little bit of elevation changes. Took about 45 minutes for the outer loop. The area has moderate traffic so expect to see a few people walking the area. There are also many other trails that branch out from this so take a brochure as you start the hike in case you want to extend your walk. The beginning is just to the left of the parking lot but it doesn't really say it's the starting area. It just is an area with a place to view the map and has a gate so start walking up and look for yellow blazes. It's really not that difficult and I would consider it an easy trail but on the higher end of that rating. Did the inner or lakeside loop afterwards and this starts next to the yellow blazed trail. Look to the left as you start walking up from the gated area and then stay close to the lake. The trails are really like something you'd see going to Disney. They put gravel down in spots so it's more like a walking on a sidewalk to start. You go over a nice footbridge and can check out some of the back of the lake if you want to walk down from the trail to the side of it.

6 months ago

loved it as a kid and thirty years later too

Fairly easy and short hike. Great view! Also dog friendly which is perfect for us!

did it for the first time, and I was great

8 months ago

A great trail to get some cardio on. Expect a steep incline for the first 2.5 miles and then a beautiful traverse with some small rock scrambles.

Great short hike with rewarding views!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

One of my favorite local hikes. Along the way there is a point where you get a great view of the Holyoke Resevoir on the right as you get closer to the monument. The last few times I took this trail there was some orange snow fence stretched across the trail saying it was closed for habitat protection.

Friday, December 22, 2017

awesome peaceful hike

Friday, September 29, 2017

Very pretty. I didn't take the whole trial because it was overgrown w/ long grass beyond the water in places, but if you had long pants, it would be fine. I stuck to the trail that circled the water & it was 1-1.5 miles, varying in ease of the actual path. If you are looking at the water from the road, the path on the left of the water is much bumpier, w/ hills & roots, while the path on the other side is flatter and well-maintained. There are a couple places to sit near the water, as well as a few picnic tables & grills nearby. I've hiked Mt Tom countless times, but found out about this trail through this app & love it cuz it's a nice short walk for after work, esp since sunset is getting earlier. Make sure to park outside the gate on Reservation Rd (from the Holyoke side) if you will be there after 6pm, so you don't get locked inside & have the call the state troopers, like the people we saw last time we went.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017

A good stretch of the legs. Uneven ground and a good length make it not the easiest trail for some people, but it's scenic and provides views of Bray Lake and the surrounding woodland.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fun hike, title is a bit misleading though. It's the kay bee trail to the keystone extension to the d.o.c and m-m trails. The kay bee is only about 1.8 miles of the 7 miles it takes to complete this. Beautiful views to the west, not so much the south (maybe Hartford on a clear day) or north. Nothing could really be seen to the east.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Very easy hike!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

if you've never been, be prepared for rocky trails, uphill will take your breath away, afraid of heights, avoid. very scary walking along cliff. beautiful views. my thing is if start a trail you should end there, not the case, unless you want to track back the way you came, in my opinion I didn't. forgot also climbing rocks, just like rock climbing, take backpack to keep hands free for balance.

nature trips
Monday, April 10, 2017

Nice easy walk/hike. There is plenty of up hill walking, but gradual.The tower views at the top are worth it. There are marked trails off of the trail of you are feeling adventurous. Dogs allowed, but must be in leash.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Beautiful walking areas. There is a nice easy trail for leisurely walks and a higher intensity trail for those looking for more exercise.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

great trail. took the dog.would do it again

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