This complex of trails has several nice views from elevated points looking east. The trails here are closer to hiking trails than ealking paths so be prepared. There are some elevation changes but minor. My last trip was to explore the Vernal Pool trail. Enjoyed walking this trail, very relaxing with some nice rock outcroppings to pass through. Pisgah does not get the large amount of traffic that nearby locations do. Was at this location 4 hours and saw one dog walker and one very friendly mountainbiker. Lots of woodpeckers here if birds as are your thing.

Nice hike to get the blood flowing, a bit barren in the winter with the lack of tree cover.

Great hike with options to expand or shorten. Got a little lost and turned around, but kept heading in the general direction of the trail on the map and eventually, made my way back to the trail and cut through a few different trails because i was lost for a while. Very wet and muddy in places and completely washed out in others due to the recent rain storm. I would definitely hike out there again, but maybe explore the well marked trails in the north side...

nice run but difficult to navigate

4 months ago

Very nice hike with some decent elevation and interesting topography, some cool vistas and vernal ponds in many locations. I would have gotten lost if i did not have my Garmin. Also had printed a map and would have made two wrong turns if i was relying solely on the map. The blazes marking the trails are great in some places and nonexistant elsewhere. I downloaded a route onto my Garmin and it saved me from those two wrong turns. I did the route counter clockwise, which I would recommend, as the more frustrating turns and trail sections are on the southern area, and I probably would have gotten more frustrated if these were at the end of my hike vs the beginning. I really liked the section of path towards the end that follows the ridgeline along the North Gorge Trail. Also some nice vistas looking East towards Marlborough on the eastern trails (Sparrow, Tyler, North Overlook). The paths were icy in places and muddy everywhere but just a bit of a drag, not so bad to prevent one from hiking it. Brought my dog and it was no problem for him, saw other dogs both on and off leash. Everyone I saw seemed laid back about dogs. Definitely a good option for a nice two hour, 6 mile hike. Note: there are two sections of trail that are on the AllTrails route but not on some of the online maps, both in the upper northeast quadrant of the hike. These are definite well-used trails.

4 months ago

Very hard to follow the trails. We were lost several times and had trouble following this trail. Use AllTrails GPS and check it often... and be prepared to “make up” your trail as you go along... it is very nice though!

I will start by saying I am an experienced hiker with a good sense of direction and this place had me lost even with a map in my hand. A few trails are well marked, but some of them are horrible. Colored markers are worn away to plain silver or missing altogether. Lots of intersections with no markings at all. My daughter and I found two outlooks, but I have no clue if one of them was the summit or just the north/south ones. It was a beautiful day for a hike, but frustrating when you have to keep guessing where you are. In the end I had to resort to my phone map to the Smith Rd parking lot to see if we were headed in the right direction. Also, part of the trails we wandered on were in an area where hunting is permitted. At one time around 11 am , we could hear gunshots. Some hikers (and their dog) were wearing hunting orange, which I highly recommend during hunting season!

This would have been a great hike if the trails had been marked
Thank goodness I read some reviews and downloaded this app
We would still be out there as trail markers are very sporadic and we ended up off trail several times also moving in the wrong direction a few times trail maps were also non existent
Thank you all trails for getting me home safely

Definitely wouldn't have been able to do this trail without AllTrails. Got hung up a few times and had to backtrack. Pretty woods trekking, a little buggy. Little incline, a more casual hike.

Print a map if possible. Very easy to get lost on the southern trails.

Your dog has to be leashed and the trail had a good amount of people on it. Nice view on summit trail!

A nice trail, a little short for what we were looking for—but pretty woods with a good view here and there. Dog and kid friendly.

I wanted to try a new trail so gave this place a shot . Nice easy trails- would be great for young children. Slightly boring . No water or sites to see. Bring lots of bug spray . If I was giving a letter grade would be a B+

great hike, lots of options for loops. the red trails are very well marked but the green (vernal pool) trail is a bit hard to follow at points.

Very nice trail, beautiful overlook in the middle of it. If you bring the trail map on your phone and know where you want to go, it's easy to decipher the trail markers and signs. Lots of roots and rocks, but no problem if you pick your way carefully. Beautiful ferns, Hawks, wood thrush birdcalls.

Nice trail. Perfect for Finn

Nice trail. Perfect for Finn

Nice trail. Perfect for Finn

Nice trail. Perfect for Finn

Nice trail. Perfect for Finn

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Not really marked well but still a fun hike. Good for moderate hikes, not much elevation, but by following the blue triangles there is a nice up hill toward the summet path.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Excellent trail. The direction marking are ok..familiarize with the map before starting. Using alltrail recording and map feature helps a lot. Paths are rocky, tree roots, thick forest woods, slope and narrow at certain areas make it challenging and interesting for the hikers. Multiple loops gives a chance for easy to moderate hikers an option to choose and hike the trail. Point of interest and Photo ops - view from the top, small pond, wooden bridge across a stream, tree roots, dry leaves, birds, spotted a baby deer. Yes be prepared for mosquitos, flies, ticks and hanging worms (caterpillar? Not sure ). Overall an awesome trail.

Great area to hike

Great hiking area with amazing views if you make it to the summit

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I walked this trail with my dog , my I say I got lost . If you never have done this trail beware that you can get lost very easy . Trails are not mark that well . very rocky and lots of roots . Take a map of the trails with you !!

My 9 year old daughter and I hiked the trails this afternoon. Nice walk through the woods.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Decent trail. Mostly well maintained. Trail markers were confusing at times.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I've done this one a few times. Easy enough for kids. Can make it short or long depending on how much time you want to spend.

The view at the end of the Mentzner Trail is decent for the area. On a clear day you can see Boston.

Because it's so close to home, this is a repeat spot for me.

Make sure you understand the map of the trail before you begin !

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