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Did this trail in August with 5 kids ages 14 - 2. Two scenic vistas with gorgeous views and a plane crash memorial made it interesting for the kids. Took about an hour for the whole loop.

Did this as part of the 51st Ramble. Difficulty is moderate and can be SUPER greasy. Wear good shoes.

Took Roaring Brook to Hopper to the AT to get to the summit. Beautiful hike with amazing scenery! Took about 5 hours including a 20 min break for food at the top. Would definitely recommend

Moderate difficulty, a little muddy. My friend and I — in decent shape but not aggressive or frequent hikers — enjoyed this as a half-day hike. With the days shorter and other activities nearby, this was a good way to get to the summit in good time. The little alpine-like lake almost at the top was a neat feature! *the pond was made by the CCC, but it’s still cool

A great hike not too strenuous. Unfortunately, Greylock was socked in so we didn’t get to enjoy the views.

Such a boring trail, I highly recommend taking a different one

We are novice hikers so this was a little harder than anticipated but we are so happy we did it! We’ve driven up Greylock a few times but this was our first time hiking it. Unfortunately it was overcast and foggy so the views at the top were non-existent. Coming down was steep and much harder than going up!

Lots of elevation change, you are essentially summiting three mountains. Great views and lots of picnic tables up top to enjoy lunch.

The trail is listed as difficult it was actually moderate. My boyfriend and I was pleasantly surprised of the well marked and well kept trails. The summit was amazing. We are heading there again with a group of 20 hikers ( Ages 5-60) for fall foliage hike.

the trail follows a stream a majority of the way. and by follows I mean the trail is a legitimate stream. very wet, tons of large rocks & very vertical in areas. slippy & muddy. would be great when in dry season

23 days ago

desperately in need of some trail love. waterbars when you can find them are overfilled with Duff and silt. a river runs through it.

I'd say the best of the trails we were on today (9/19/18) only one short section, maybe 1/4 mile, would I consider hard. the rest moderate. the clearing at the top had the best view by far.

many, if even existing, waterbars poorly maintained. with heavy rain the day before the trail was more of a river than trail. enjoyable otherwise.

Working on the highest peaks in NE. This was a fun hike - only a couple of steep spots, but they're all very easy. I went north up Money Brook - neat waterfall along the trail. I recommend diverting from this route and going up the Mt. Prospect Trail - the views were incredible from Mt. Prospect!! Then connect back into the AT. Mt. Greylock views were beautiful, but crowded at the top since there's an auto road to the top too

1 month ago

Quiet trail I thought the trail was relatively easy w a couple of steeper spots , but nothing hard by any means. Stopped at the twisted remains of a plane crash. Then a short push to the AT then we made our way to the summit of Greylock

great hike. clearly marked. paths well maintained. great day hike. summit was awesome

Just finished this hike, a tad over 3 miles up and I finished in less than 1 hour 40 minutes. I’m not in the best shape but if this is a “moderate” hike, I would hate to do a hard one. Trail was only confusing at maybe one spot. I couldn’t get close enough to the sign to read it. I saw one group of about 10-15 on their way down. Passed by the leanto that Im assuming AT thru-hikers frequently use. Over all it was a good hike, very challenging, I decided to use the cheshire harbor and pecks falls trail on the way down to get back to my vehicle.

1 month ago

moderate hike with numerous trails to summit. Great in winter. Try thunderbolt for a bit more challenge. Snowshoe or ski the very first ski trail in the NE.

I hiked this trail Thursday with my dog. FYI - Thiel Road is closed now. There is a parking area at the corner of Gould and Thiel with a sign that says "To Thunderbolt and Bellows Pipe Trails" I was finally able to get to the Thunderbolt trail, but you have to walk through some really wet areas and through a small park to get there. There's a lot of forks and it's confusing to find.

I highly recommend parking at the very end of Gould Road in the lot right before the No Trespassing signs. Start at the Bellows Pipe South Trail (the sign says in small letters that it goes to the Thunderbolt Trail). You will have to pass by here anyway if you park where I mention above - save yourself some time and aggravation and just park here. You will see where it does finally split to go to the Bucket Trail then to the Thunderbolt Ski Trail. It's very steep as other's have said, but definitely do able. The memorial park at the top has beautiful views.

1 month ago

A very good but looong hike! We parked in the parking lot at Notch road-it looks like the first part of the trail is about 0.3 miles before the start of the trail on the app. I think I saw a sign that said 2.5 miles from the parking lot to the AT. This trail is not very busy which is nice- the plane crash site was interesting to see. We took the AT to the summit of Mt Greylock for some amazing views. There was even a place to buy a meal/snacks/fill up water bottles at the summit. The entire trip from the parking lot to the summit and back was more like 12-13 miles total according to my FitBit.

snow shoes most wintermonths other months were pleasurable with gear especially the dry snac-foods. more secure especially together w/ 3 or more hikers!

Hiked it with my 2 year old, took a few hours but she hiked most of it!!!

8/24/2018 - hiked the loop today. Very mellow loop. I wish I had hiked in the opposite direction around the loop.The ascent up Money Brook was fairly flat and muddy with no (zero) views until Greylock. I did not get any view from Williams or Fitch (The Money Brook waterfall was worth the extra 400 yard walk). View from Greylock summit was nice and the War Memorial was interesting and crowded. The return on Hopper was dry, steeper and had a nice look-back at Greylock and the Hopper. It would have made for a more interesting ascent. Nice hike in a beautiful part of Massachusetts. I agree 100% with Graham Ardner's review below.

1 month ago

Definitely one of my top three hikes so far. There are a few things that need clarification. The trail description says that it's a 4.8 loop and further down it says that it's 2.4 miles to the Sperry Rd campgrounds and another 1.7 to the summit. My math puts that at 4.1 miles just to the summit and 8.2 miles total as an out and back. My legs and the rest of my body concurs. We clocked in at just around 10 miles total for both sections of the Hopper Trail.

As the description states, there are two sections of the trail, but it's a little confusing. The trail takes you to Sperry Rd where it seemingly ends. Here you can find several hike-in campsites, composting privies, an unmanned ranger station, and water spigots. Going left at the trail junction and following Sperry Rd a short distance will bring you to the upper Hopper Trail on the left. Taking a right on Sperry Rd leads you past the bathrooms and on to Stony Ledge overlook with scenic views.

The upper section of Hopper Trail takes you across sections of the auto road and links up with the Overlook trail and the Appalachian trail where the blazes change from blue to white. The trail leads past a beautiful pond with an outbuilding, then a short distance to the summit where the views are spectacular. The war memorial has an observation tower with 360 degree views of the area. Bascom Lodge has restrooms, a small gift shop, a restaurant and accommodations. We retraced our steps back down to the Hopper Rd trailhead.

To reiterate, Hopper Trail has two sections, it doesn't end at Sperry Rd, and it is close to a 9 mile out and back trail, not a 4.8 mile loop.

Signage is good. Trails are well marked. I recommend printing out a map to bring along. There were no maps at the kiosks and cell reception was good, but spotty at times.

The scenery was beautiful. We had the trail mostly to ourselves until the upper Hopper portion. I recommend walking approximately 1000 yards onto the Haley Farm trail at either the beginning or end of your hike to see the "Hopper" (the nickname for the valley). While on the trail you really don't see or realize the valley in which you're hiking along.

We had around 3400' in elevation gain, and I personally rate it as hard. Overall, it took us around 5 1/2 hours to hike it.

Definitely worth the drive from wherever you are to hike Massachusetts' highest peak.

Wasnt a bad trail. was foggy so views were bad. otherwise would have a bad view. summit was marked by cairn, with some decent outlooks along the way.

2 months ago

Nice trail to take from the walk in campsites. Easy to hike and some cool scenery a long the way, but some sections are close to the road with some confusing signage occasionally. The observation tower is nice at the top, but the peak is going to pretty much always be crowded. Always nice to have ice cream or lunch at the top though :)

unfortunately it was foggy. otherwise there would have been some nice views. well marked, well kept.

2 months ago

I'm writing this review because my friends and I followed Mike Ose's misleading advice. The summit of Saddle Ball Mt is, easily, a 3 mile hike uphill from Adam's Rd on the AT trail. 1 mile + 3 miles = ~8 miles roundtrip. We were prepared for a 3 mile hike and this almost became a disaster.

The turn to make a left on Jones Nose is not marked from that direction - at least the three of us did not see it.

Lots of mosquitos and a very wet path. I had to turn around after a mile or so because it just didn’t seem worth it. I drove to the top and yeah. It was so cloudy I would have been disappointed by all the effort I put in to get there. Bring bug spray even if you think you don’t need it and waterproof shoes if it’s been rainy.

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