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Great hike, with one minor (?) problem when I followed this trail map this past Saturday. At the 1968 elevation (Money Brook Trail) the map appears to show a sharp turn to the left proceeding upward. At first, I searched for this non-existent V turn. I actually started climbing up the steep incline thinking I'd run into it. In reality, I had to backtrack on the -same- trail section (after viewing the magnificent waterfall) by about 30 or so feet, where a trail marker (not previously noticed) indicated a left turn to proceed. All in all I really loved this hike! I went back on Sunday and did the Mt. Prospect to Greylock hike, also a winner..

Great hike. Still snow half way up (bring spikes and sunblock, if it's nice weather, snowglare) We were the only ones at summit. very wet, muddy but obviously doable. My first time here...best view I've seen!

Hiked solo until I made a few friends on the descend from the summit. What I REALLY love the most about this trail and hiking in general is that most of the people you meet on the trail are friendly and encouraging. I would say this is a pretty challenging trail, but that's only because there was about a foot and half of snow on the ground near the summit. Overall, the view from the summit is breath taking and well worth all the effort getting there!

Hiked solo. Perfect day, still ice on trail for last mile needed crampons

I took Bellows Pipe from Gould Rd. tried to hike up Thunderbolt but found it to be to difficult to get footings due to ice. I continued to take Bellows Pipe up to the summit, still very slippery but doable.. Great trip!

A lot of overlap with the snowmobile route so watch out. Even after a few inches of new snow, still dangerously icy underneath.

This hike was stunning, I hiked it a few weeks ago when there was at least 1/2 foot on the trail and gradually got thicker while climbing. Icy and cold, but I embraced it, because a "silent tundra " is waiting at the top for you, that is overwhelmingly beautiful. I Want to hike it again before spring!!

Great hike. Took the Thunderbolt Ski trail up and the bellows down. There are a couple of trees on the trail - nothing you can't scramble over. And don't leave your snowshoes in the car like I did, once you approach the summit, they will come handy. There was fresh powder, so it was a lotta fun. Beautiful weather too.

Great day hike to the highest peak in Massachusetts. Wonderful views at the top.

Beautiful hike on a winter day. History of the area on the interpretive guide was interesting.

Great view atop the mountain. I️ would consider this a challenging hike, becoming more challenging towards the top. Perfect November day.

Beautiful fall day in esrly Nov. Trails were well maintained, however trails maps at the mountain I found to be confusing. An excellent hike overall.

Very steep in spots. Definitely a trail for younger legs.

What a hike! I accidentally got off trail (not entirely atypical for me) and ended up doing a straight vertical incline UP a ski racing trail. Plus side? I bumped into a ski group clearing the trail for their race in February and they shared a delish craft beer with me. Downside? I was practically climbing up a mountain with a full beer in me ;). Slow and steady wins the race, I say. Weather was perfect (warm for the fall), amazing views, and overall excellent hike. P.S. - went down the right trail on the way down...what a difference!

Went during peak foliage in October 2016. Gorgeous!

The views from Mt. Williams, Mt. Greylock, and Stony Ledge were amazing! The hike took us longer to complete than I expected which led us hiking the last bit after Stony Ledge in the dark. I would normally be miffed at this, but thankfully there is very little light pollution in the area letting us have an amazing view of the stars once we left the woods all the way to the parking lot.

Bring plenty of water, and the lodge at the top of Greylock has a tap for hikers if you're needing to refill. We didn't really come across other hikers until Mt. Fitch and Greylock. Can't wait to do it again!

Enjoyed walking on this trail. The color changing of the foliage was so beautiful. @mayratchanida

This is a great hike. I’ve done it twice now and the second time was not nearly as difficult. Probably because it wasn’t 96 and humid like the first time we did it.

Easier hike up to the highest point in Massachusetts. Compared to the High Peaks of the Adirondacks, this hike is a cakewalk with no boulders or root complexes to trip you up. A bit disappointing to share the summit with those who burned gas to get drive up to the parking lot just below the mountaintop. Trail is marked fairly well and if you follow the Bellows Pipe to the Thunderbolt Trail you'll get to the Appalachian Trail. From the AT, the hike is a ridge run to the summit. Great views from either the flanks of the summit or the top of the Monument.

This is listed as moderate but it should be HARD! I'm so glad I was able to complete this beast!!! It was so gratifying for me even though I'm still paying for it 2 days later in my legs.

Overall this is a good hike. The trails are easy to follow starting from Money Brook and working your way to the AT then to Greylock. Not much traffic but I also started early. The view from the top is incredible, but saturated with tourists which I do not care for. Also, the restaurant in the lodge at the top of Mt. Greylock is overpriced and the food was terrible, also don't serve beer until 4 pm on Sundays(?). Anyway, hiked hopper back to the parking lot which was easy to follow and all downhill. Definitely bring plenty of water and snacks as this will be a long hike. Trails could be better maintained but overall pretty good!

Large parking area at the end of Hopper Rd. Go past the gate and continue onto the Money Brook Trail. You can take the trail all the way until it hooks up with the Appalachian Trail and then take the AT over Greylock, but we cut it just a bit short and took the Old Summit Trail towards the end of the Money Brook Trail to where it connects with the AT to shave off the climb of an additional mountain. Connect back up with the Hopper Trail on the way down Greylock to complete the loop. About 10 miles if you take the Old Summit shortcut. Very physical trail and very challenging for most of it, but a great hike with a gorgeous view at the top (if you can dodge everyone that simply drove up :) )

I like this little hike - highest point in Massachusetts. Agreed on the trail marking being inconsistent - last time through I found myself down bank of the trail in thick ferns and forest. Great view at the summit.

A nice little day hike. Surprisingly steep in some spots. Some confusion as to the actual trail you're on, especially at first. There is a lot of signs, but still not exactly clear where you are at times? I will just say if it's real steep you're on the Thunderbolt trail. If not, something else.

9 months ago

I took this one for granted. This was a very challenging hike. A lot of great things to see at the top!

This was a fantastic hike, although I'm 99% certain this trail is mislabeled. The map for this hike is not Thunderbolt, it is the Bellows Pipe trail. Thunderbolt starts on Thiel Rd, the hike on this map starts at the lot on Gould Rd, which is where Bellows picks up. The map here takes Bellows the whole way up and intersects with Thunderbolt about 40 mins into it. Once we were up at the summit, we followed the signs for Thunderbolt on the way down, and it was completely different and much much steeper than our ascent.

That said, this is a great hike. Bellows Pipe is steep and sustained, so it's a crazy workout.

Thunderbolt is the steepest, most direct of the summit trails. The lower portion of the Thunderbolt trail called "The Bumps" is accessed using the Bucket trail off the Bellows Pipe South trail. The upper sections of Thunderbolt are calf-busters, but you'll be on the summit in 1:15. An easier-on-the-knees descent is an offshoot of the Bellows Pipe trail that runs behind the Big Bend emergency shed and gradually makes its way down the Thunderbolt slope. It adds only a few minutes. This is actually the trail that's listed in the description on this site, but the true Thunderbolt Ski Trail is more direct, and clearly marked.

I parked at the Money Brook trailhead on Notch Rd., about three road miles down the mountain from the summit turnoff to Mt. Greylock. I passed on the falls and continued on Money Brook to Hopper then Sperry Rd. and back on Hopper to Mt. Greylock. It's probably about 5 - 6 miles. From the top of Greylock I looped back to where I was parked using the AT north, about 3 - 3.5 miles. I started at 8 am and got back to where I was parked at 2:45 pm, stops for lunch and two rest breaks totaled about 45 - 60 minutes. This is a challenging hike, due mostly to Money Brook. My time was about 45 - 50 minutes per mile, much higher than the day before when I hiked the Jones Nose, CCC Dynamite loop plus extra, at about 35 - 40 minutes per mile. The Money Brook trail is a long incline, gradual and sometimes pretty steep. In places I'd go 50 - 70 paces and stop, stand to rest ten seconds and then continue. Real pretty though. Nice flowers in bloom, and beautiful weather. Coming back from Mt. Greylock the AT north is downhill to level and rocky. Two thoughts: I like to bring and use my compass with the trail map. Also, tree roots, rocks and whatnot are part of the deal, be careful, start in the am, and take your time chuggling along. Have fun!

rocky and quite muddy this time of year, wear boots ke bring extra socks!

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