At 1,621 feet, Mount Grace is the third highest elevation in Massachusetts, east of the Connecticut River. Recreation activities at the 1,458-acre State Forest include hiking, walking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and hunting (in season). Mount Grace is connected with a famous episode from the era of Colonial skirmishes against the Wompanoag Indians, known as King Phillip's War. In 1676, Mary Rowlandson of Lancaster (a town 40 miles to the east) was captured, along with her infant daughter Grace, by a band of King Phillip's warriors. On a march toward Canada the baby died, and it is said to have been buried by her mother's hands at the foot of the mountain that now bears her name.

2 months ago

Pleasant short hike with good view from the tower.

6 months ago

Awesome hike, and super easy for children. I took my 9yr old and we had a blast seeing the Fire tower and surrounding woods

7 months ago

Nice hike through the forest. You will need to climb the lookout tower to get any kind of view, however.

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