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1 month ago

nice day. some ice at trailhead. snow as we headed up. need to watch for sharp left to get to flag rock. nicew at flag rock.

perfect, quick winter day hike.
a little icy at top along red trail

Great views in all directions, not too hard, fun to climb over rocks near the top.

Very satisfying hike, though a bit crowded. Beautiful views at top.

Fall trails conditions as in any NE area. Mixed wet day yesterday in area, planned a weather break day amidst the Berkshires & had one. As a first time, chose the Blue Indian Monument Inscription Trail. An old wagon trail ending proximate to the Red Summit Squaw Trail. An easy south shoulder to summit climb, gradual ascent. The Red & Yellow Hickey Trails meet at the Monument. The red then used scrape & ledge & rocks (some as steps) to Squaw Mountain, clearly blazed. Children & newbies should be watched - the cliffs are real, a 900 foot drop. My altimeter read 1615-1640 height. A couple of “Pulpit” rock formations adjoin the cliff face here, one the Devil’s Pulpit. The trustees allow no rock climbing here. Descent can be had by the Squaw Trail Red .5 mile which intersects the 1.6 mile Blue Monument trail up or down. The .8 mile Hickey Yellow Trail is correctly styled strenuous. In fall, leaves conceal rocks & pits. Yellow blazes are adequate. Taken downhill the trail is 2/3 sharp incline & rocky. Very attentive. Two bridges & views of the lower cliff rockfalls & some flatter slopes appeal. All (the Red via the blue north or south, the Yellow at the Monument) commence & end at the picnic & parking area. If time, a ride back via State 183 to the West show a rich valley romantic view of the massif along the Housatonic River. The northern water from Squaw Mountain is Agawam Brook Pond. The trail condition is good. Weather turns a risk at the summit. Pay to park or donation encouraged with solar powered ATM/Debit/Credit machines.

Nice woodland scenery,especially in the beginning along the stream. However, followed this hike path to “summit” .... no real views. All trees !! No signage or trail markers !! Some parts, no real trail, either !! Worked my way through the woods around this “summit” until I came across another “trail” that went by a bulldozed area with lots of pink surveyor tapes on the trees .... which appeared to follow along the Monument Mountain Reservation border. Had an “adventurous” hike. (Be sure to have your GPS)

Great for beginners

Very fun hike; great views from the top

This hike was nice, but very easy compared to what I had read here. This would be a fantastic trail run, but I was looking for a slightly more rigorous hike for walking than what I got. My friend and I hiked the more challenging leg of the trail up, crossed over the summit using Squaw Trail, then took the easier Indian Trail down (it’s better on your knees to go downhill more gradually). The paths were all incredibly clean and well kept. There were a few 4 year old kids playing at Summit when we got up there, which says something about how easy the hike is. Views are great, but if youre looking for more of a “real hike” where youre following blazes and needing to watch your footing, choose a different hike.

My 8 year old daughter and I really love this trail, we did it for the first time back in April and didn’t make it to the top of the red trail but enjoyed our hike. Just went this past weekend (October) and made it up the red trail and down the yellow. Beautiful and only slightly challenging. View was amazing

Always a great hike, in any season except in deep snow. Fab views from the top. Approx 1.5 hours to complete the loop. Dog friendly. Can be crowded on the weekends. Devil’s Pulpit is a short diversion near the top which affords less crowded views.

Excellent trail, beautiful overlooking the country

great hike with breathtaking views, I would definetely recommend squaw trail( red one) Not for kids under 10

5 months ago

Was looking for something in this area to do a easy or moderate loop. Found this and didn't realize I had actually gone past it when doing another hike out at Alander Mtn. a while back. This is a busy area, a hike that is more for somebody looking for something to do on a weekend than say a hiker looking to do a section of the AT. Don't get me wrong, it's nice but don't look for solitude. After seeing many people starting their loop by going right, I went left to start and did clockwise. Only saw a few people till I got towards the top. Still, some people are just loud and can't just enjoy the mountain. Glad I found some areas to explore before reaching the congested top area. There is a section just off the Squaw trail that is called Devil's Pulpit. It's just a little side trail so take it if you can. It brings you to the cliff area, straight down if you slip but no worries. :) All in all, a decent hike but nothing too exciting till you get to the Squaw trail. There is the Indian loop trail which goes alongside the mountain under the Squaw, probably worth checking out but wasn't that interested to back track and find out. Last thing to note as I didn't notice when I pulled into the parking lot but I guess you need or will have to pay to park. I walked by a kiosk getting back to my car. I checked it out, doesn't look like it had been activated yet but just letting you know for future reference. When I parked and started up the trail, I didn't go by this and there isn't a sign anywhere that mentions paying at least not yet.

on Hickey and Squaw Loop

6 months ago

Excellent! Easy parking, well marked trail with wonderful views. Highly recommend!

Nice views, easy to follow. put on your mountain goat for Boulder climbing!

7 months ago

Nice short hike with great views.

Great hike with beautiful views!

We did the Indian Trail to Squaw Trail and Hickory trail. These is a cut off for the Squaw Trail from either Indian or Hickory. Trails are rugged at top. Nice views. Well marked with color dots on tree. Indian is blue, hickory yellow and squaw red. $5 to park for day. It is worth the parking fee.

Reached the top in about 35 minutes, nice quick workout.

This hike is very popular, and for good reason. The Hickey Trail leads to the summit at a moderately steep grade. The Squaw Peak Trail then traverses the ridge, where there are great views of the Berkshires. Descend via the Indian Monument Trail, which is longer and more gradual than the Hickey Trail. My only criticisms are that despite its popularity, there are no restrooms at the bottom, and there are some large cliffs at the top.

I did this hike with my ten year old son. He is starting to enjoy hiking and so this was a perfect one for him. We took the Hickey trail which was a bit steep, made a few stops for him to catch his breath. Along this path, you will come to a nice small waterfall and stream. Right before hitting the summit, there was a cool little ledge with a nice view. Once you reach the peak, there is a 360 view. My son loved it. We then followed the Squawk peak train, into the Indian Monument trail back. This trail was pretty flat, that followed the along the main road. The entire hike took two hours, maybe slightly more. Nice... would recommend.

Always a nice hike although today it was quite muddy. But who can complain about a 70 degree day in February. A little ice but it and the mud was fairly easy to get around.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Fantastic Hike! Gold trail - great challenge. Beautiful views.

trail running
Monday, December 25, 2017

A good loop and challenging although the trails were very icy so I wasn’t able to make it all the way around and had to turn back. Look forward to going again in the spring.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The steep, short side is the best! Definitely a beautiful Berkshire favorite!

Monday, November 27, 2017

went at 9am, only a few other people, quick hike. Gradual incline. Indian trail runs by the road, which is a luttle distracting, but the peak is great! Definitely recommend stopping at Devil's Pulpit for the best views.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Nice but traffic noise.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Beautiful mountains with captivating views. Though it gets steep at certain points, the trek to Devil’s Pulpit is well worth the adventure!

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