Located in three towns, this forest contains 1,140 acres including 180 acres of ponds, swamps, and wetlands. It is the probable site of a Native American village prior to colonial settlement and later was acquired to obtain granite for canals and factory foundations. The forest has six miles of trails offering hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Hunting is permitted in season.

trail running
2 months ago

Went here for my first trail run in a very, very long time. I've been walking these trails for years now having grown up in the area. I love the scenery and the elevation isn't too drastic either which makes for a pleasant trail running experience. It was still a bit rough for me being my first run in some time, but I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other trails here as well.

trail running
4 months ago

nice n quiet place for walk

6 months ago

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