Located in three towns, this forest contains 1,140 acres including 180 acres of ponds, swamps, and wetlands. It is the probable site of a Native American village prior to colonial settlement and later was acquired to obtain granite for canals and factory foundations. The forest has six miles of trails offering hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Hunting is permitted in season.

Great hike for the whole family. Easily traversed with little to no elevation across a fairly flat terrain. Great views of the pond and other wetland areas as you make your way through the reserve. Some trails that branch off the wider ones appear to be used heavily as mountain biking trails. Probably best to avoid those when walking in a group or with dogs. Otherwise fabulous spot that we will continue to go to again and again.

Went here for my first trail run in a very, very long time. I've been walking these trails for years now having grown up in the area. I love the scenery and the elevation isn't too drastic either which makes for a pleasant trail running experience. It was still a bit rough for me being my first run in some time, but I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other trails here as well.

nice n quiet place for walk

it was nice, not as much as scenery as I was hoping. great trails for walking.

Well groomed and lots of variety for trail running. Trails are unmarked so you'll need your GPS phone in case you get lost.

Did my first ruck here this morning, a few inches of fresh snow on the ground made the easy trails just a touch more challenging. Trails are nice and wide and easy to navigate with the all trails app. Plan to spend some more time here thus spring/summer.

This state park is a nice place to spend an afternoon hiking or snowshoeing. The trails are not marked and in some locations there boards do not have a map which is frustrating. Usually see dogs off the leash on the trails.

Literally started mountain biking about 2 weeks ago but really enjoyed the trails here. It's a bit spread out and trails are not marked much but seems to offer a little bit for all levels of bikers. Looking forward to exploring more here.

My daily or nearly so run. I commonly run from Trotting Park road in Tyngsboro to the pond. Other times Trotting Park in Tyngsboro through the Park to the same road in Lowell. Some trash at some fire/underage drinking spots otherwise clean, trails sometimes flood in low areas and could use upkeep. Paved areas sometimes have company, the dirt trails are usually deserted. Its not perfect but a gem considering the location.

I have hiked the trails in the state park multiple time. The "Heart Healthy" trail is nice, its a decent distance you get to pass 2 ponds where there is a decent amount of wildlife. The trails could use better marking and the whole park could use a clean up. There is definately underage partying going on but if you can get past having to look at trash in a few areas its an enjoyable hike.

A small natural oasis in Lowell. This State Park could be a lot better if it was more conjoined, it feels a little spread out with a lot of private land interspersed throughout. Also, don't be so surprised to see a lot of trash or other evidence of humans, including paintball splats. A little more upkeep is required for this to be a great park.

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