Photos of Lost Pond Conservation Area Trails

8 months ago

We hiked the trail in late March after a somewhat recent snow. The hike is a good escape from the Boston urban landscape with plenty of pines, small boardwalks, a kettle hole pond, and according to a kiosk, a peat bog. You will see housing, a recycling center, and encounter traffic noise, but despite all of these elements, it is still a worthy hike. We did have some trouble navigating the trail as outlined by the AllTrails app. At about 1.5 miles into our walk, we encountered signs that read "road closed" at our designated route. After walking around for a bit looking for an alternative route, the trail seemed to disappear (I'm sure the snow did not help). We just retraced our steps to complete an out-and-back. Despite our troubles, it was a nice walk in the woods and very much appreciated by our dogs.